• Good morning lovelies!! I hope you’re all well – how many of you are on holiday? We are off to Stanford and i cannot tell you just how excited i am do nothing, zip, zero, zilch, except badger my husband to pour me G&T’s and have yet another swim with our children. I’ve packed books, the iPad is charged (and is brimming with about 6 months worth of decor mags) and other than that i have nothing on the agenda except to chill – oh and catch up with lovely friends who are coming to stay with us at different times – hooray!! Before i tally ho and bid you adieu for now, i wanted to share a blog post with you – not the last of the year but certainly my most Christmassy.

    I recently started a collaboration with China Town – the shopping precincts situated in Ottery, Parow and Sable Square. Now for those of you who have been reading the blog for a while (next year is my ninth year in business), you’ll know that i absolutely love a bargain and even more than that i love a hunt for a good bargain – which is why China Town is right up my alley. The Ottery one is the closest to me and although it probably has the smallest number of decor and party stores, i still managed to find LOADS to bling up my (and hopefully your) Christmas table!

    My search for Christmas goodies actually started when i went sourcing for my Good Housekeeping Christmas demonstration – athough i had plans to create a really minimalist table setup at our Very Merry Christmas event – i ended up bumping into some mirror disco balls and well they had to come home with me! Charley and Ava are obsessed with them, they cannot actually believe that such beautiful objects can even exist – it really does make me laugh. Once the mirror balls were in my mind’s eye, i ended up doing a circuit of all the decor and party shops before heading back to the ones i thought would work best for more metallic merry making. Take a look at what i found…

    So i was pretty blown away by just how big a selection of products some of the decor shops have  – you can pick up Chinese paper lanterns in loads of different colours for around R18 for a medium ball. Want paper serviettes, invitations, doilies and details to match your colour scheme? There is no end to the beauties you can buy – at bargain prices. Those bottles were given the bling treatment by giving them a quick spray with copper paint followed by a dip in glitter – boom!

    So comparatively speaking – a tube of baubles you’ll buy at a major retailer will set you back around R100 – i paid R69 for a tube of 16 in a range of different copper finishes and i also bought some blush pink ones which i can’t wait to haul out for our tree in Stanford.

    I may have gone a bit overboard with the bling – but wait until you see my pix of the fairy lights i found for next to nothing on my Instagram! Ohm the copper sprayed and glitter dipped bottles cost a mere R10 each! You’ll find them at Shop A10.

    The star tags are especially cute and a nice way to pep up some plain brown paper wrapping

    I’m loving how beautiful the mix of metals is

    Aside from bargain buys to dress your table, some of the shops have dedicated their entire spaces to Christmas wares – from tinsel to tea lights and every imaginable decorative detail possible so if you’re looking for the goods for a gorgeous Christmas table, you know where to go now.

    Click here for a map of the best party and decor stores at Ottery China Town and stay tuned to the blog for some more beaut bargain finds as i shop my way around. I’ll be doing a wedding decor roundup and if you keep an eye on my Insta you’ll spot various bargain gifts i bought on my shopping mission!

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    1. Ingrid Fortuin on

      with everything chowing your money this xmas its great decor bargains

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