• One of the things I’m longing to do at home is introduce more greenery inside as well as to a little courtyard we have in the centre of the house (though it’s where the rabbits live, and they’re super-destructive!). I’m not all that bad at keeping plants alive and know my philodendrons from my peace lilies (most of the time). Apart from the gorgeous factor, there are myriad benefits to keeping houseplants. They generate oxygen and purify the air of toxins; they have a calming effect, encouraging a more serene working and living environment; a wall of plants is effective in providing sound insulation; and a substantial number of indoor plants can even lower the temperature of a room, acting as natural air conditioning. It’s definitely a spring project though, so until then these pretty pictures – and occasional trips to the nursery – will keep me inspired. Hope you get some fresh ideas too…

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    Plants_10 These Origami Bird Fabric Buckets are by local newbies, Artvraat Designs. We like!

    Pic Credits: 1, 2,  3, 4, 5, 6, 78, 910

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    1. Wendy on

      Just gorgeous. I saw something on the web about plants as artwork this past weekend – interesting change to artwork. I love plants and have had a wild love affair with wild figs (ficus benjamica) that I have decided to end. I’ve spent thousands and they always end up dying, its as though they dry up overnight without any warning – that is except for the one that I gave to my sister back in 2001 when I moved to Germany and somehow, without feeding or changing the soil she has managed to keep alive and well and filling a corner of her lounge.

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    2. Donyale on

      Oooh! I am terrible at keeping plants alive indoors but that mix of succulents looks so stunning and hard to kill!!

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