• Hi lovelies! I received a press drop last week and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m busy building my moodboard for our new bedroom and bathroom to share with you and i’ve decided i’m going to incorporate some grey. Even though the house itself is going to be mostly white with wood and monochrome details, i think pale grey is where i want to go for the bedroom. Well blow me down if the Prominent Paints drop wasn’t about some of the great greys they have in their range! I know many of you have mailed me over the years to ask what grey i used in my bathroom (click here to see our current bathroom) and i know like me, many of you have battled to commit to a grey that’s right for them (i actually ended up mixing together two greys to get the shade i wanted). Some greys seem to have a lavender undertone, others more of a green or yellow undertone, so it really can be tricky process, getting your grey right!

    Prominent Paints sent me two shades of grey and i’m looking forward to trialling these in our renovation endeavours. While my own painting is a little way off – take a look at how vastly different various shades of grey can be…

    (i’ve included the Prominent Paints codes below each image)

    Prominent Paints 50 Shades of Grey (1)

    NCS S 4005-R80B

    Prominent Paints 50 Shades of Grey (3)

    NCS S 5005-R80B

    Prominent Paints 50 Shades of Grey (4)

    NCS S 5005-R80B

    Prominent Paints 50 Shades of Grey (5)

     NCS S 1005-R80B

    This is exactly the grey i want!

    Aside from these lovely shades, Prominent Paints is also launching three more shades of grey soon – i’ll be sure to keep you in the loop about them.

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    1. Kimberley on

      Gorgeous! I love grey 🙂

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