• Rustic foods, quality ingredients and experimental recipes are what the colder months are about.  Besides nosh that tastes good, I’m also drawn to how it is plated, and the glorious colours that invigorate the senses. While we might not always think about it, colour evokes strong emotions and influences our choices more often than not.  With the light and colours of the season changing, as that of our food choices, I wanted to do a post that indulges both.  So delicious …


    Food_Porn_7 Food_Porn_2 Food_Porn_4 Food_Porn_5 Food_Porn_6 Food_Porn_3 Food_Porn_8

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    1. Tracy Foulkes on


    2. lizel on

      That cake!!!!! OMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THAT NOW!!!!!

    3. Michelle Snaddon on

      Oh Vicki, just exquisite!

    4. Ria on

      Wow, you’ve managed to get some great colour combinations!

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