• Hello lovelies – how are you all doing?! If you’ve been following me on Insta, you’ll know that i’ve been making videos about ways i’m enjoying making cosy at home – by changing up small elements that make me happy and create a warm and welcoming and ‘happy-to-be-at-home’ atmosphere. Because lets face it – we’re not going anywhere for a while. So below are some elements that i feel are essential for creating a sense of hygge at home.



    We’re tucked up under the mountain and so it’s important to me that come 4.30pm i start creating a sense of comfort at home. The fire will be blazing and we tend to start congregating in the lounge. Something i’ve been aware of in winter is that we’re sorely lacking on the lamps and standing lights front. A standing lamp beside and slightly behind a focal chair can create such an inviting picture while a lamp on a side table can create a beautiful pool of light. I spotted these on Superbalist– they’re all below R1599 which i think is a great place and they each tap into a look that is so now – the Bolu on the left epitomises rough luxe with its cement and metallic finish, the Bjorn floor lamp ticks the industrial chic look and the Woven table lamp is all about the natural fibres trend that’s going on right now. PS. Superbalist has a MASSIVE sale on at the moment. Explore more of their lamps and lights offerings which are are well worth looking at.



    There was a time when every interiors magazine would have someone quoted as saying ‘when i get home i always light a candle’ and it felt a little eye rolly – but now i’m definitely one of those people. I light a candle in our workspace every morning and a few on our mantelpiece too – i love the ambience they create and i also LOVE the layers of scents they bring to a home. I use the L’Othantique diffusers (Currently obsessed with the St Antoine) and of course i love a Jo Malone candle too. This orange blossom Babylonstoren candle is on my wishlist and i’ve also just discovered these Wick wax melts – SA doesn’t seem to have many wax melts and these come highly regarded (plus they’re on sale at Yuppiechef which is more of a bonus) they’re definitely on my lust list.



    As someone who has NEVER been able to commit to a coffee table, a side table (or better yet a set of side tables) does the trick for me. They’re an ideal choice for creating an eye catching vignette and obviously they’re a good place to perch a cup of tea or glass of wine. If you have guests you can pop a smallie next to where they’re sitting – to me they just feel so much more practical than a coffee table (also i know my kids, they’ll use a coffee table as a trampoline the second i’m not looking). Both of these tap into the metallics trend (with some marble thrown in for good measure) and i’d struggle to choose. These are both Coricraft finds (they have the most amazing range of great quality contemporary small furniture items as well as their trademark couches these days). The Chinnu Lamp Table on the left has such a timeless appeal while the Porter could bring just the right does of elegance to your space.

    If you’ve been watching my Instagram lives and IGTV’s you’ll know that i’m on a bit of a colour change up (in our bedroom specifically) but i have NOT been keen to do a massive (expensive) overhaul. So for our bedroom i made the change using cushions and some pillowslips (and a throw). We went from a monochromatic grey, white and black story to one that is awash with sea greens and more jewel green tones and i LOVE it! It’s so easy to the same with your sofa’s too – swopping in new cushion covers and packing away current ones for another season or mood. The secret if you’re going to go for a couple of cheap and cheerful? Try and use a really quality feather filler – it creates such a sense of easy luxe living. This round velvet cushion is from MRP  – i love it and the one on the right is from one of my favourite retailers of cushions – Skinny la Minx – they sell cushion families which is so clever – a bunch of cushions in different fabrics and sizes that work so well together in a scenario.


    I’ve become as obsessed with blanks and throws as i am about candles. And boy do we have incredible choices out there. But these beauties are on my current list list. They are both from Mungo – who are such an ethical, committed and design conscious local company – i admire them enormously – and of course i love their aesthetic. The Vrou Throw on the left is high high up on my current lust list – i think it’s a lifetime buy (i would definitely put it on a wedding list and it’s a great group friends buy for a special birthday) and the Juno on the right is equally special. I actually have one in mustard and it’s gorgeous – it’s really weighty, super warm and it just looks so great – be it on a sofa or a bed. I love ours and it makes me incredibly happy (and yes i’d love another one). PS. They gave a site wide 20% off sale at the moment – if its a special occasion coming up, tell your friends to have a look and to get together to get you a gift that will last a lifetime.

    So there you have it my lovelies, a little round up of things that are helping me to make cosy at home. Stay safe and keep an eye on my Insta and Facebook for what’s happening in my daily life!

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