• Do you spend loads of time in your kitchen? If so, it really makes sense to treat it the same as you would treat some of your other favourite spaces – i especially love the idea of art in a kitchen to make it a more homely space. Take a look at some ideas on how to make your kitchen a personalised and homely space.


    If you’re a fan of displaying your favourite, quirky finds and if you love colour too – why not colour code things? This kitchen has gone for a rainbow vibe – the worn wooden surfaces like the table and stools keeps things from feeling too colour crazy.


    We know that plants are probably one of the key trends in living spaces these days – but think of bringing them into your kitchen too and if you’re stuck on space think about hanging plants too


    This walk in pantry is my absolute dream!! I would love, love, love this in my kitchen.


    Floating shelves are fab for kitchens as they give you easy access to items, are a cost effective choice plus you can ‘merchandise’ your favourite items to create a visually appealling display


    I love how this kitchen is an extension of the living and dining areas – the lovely colour threads that bind the three spaces together and the connection between the two artworks too – this space really works for me!


    How to make your kitchen feel like home in an instant? Add a rug!


    Loose pieces like this industrial work bench really help create a homely environment in the kitchen

    What do you want to do in your kitchen to make it more you?

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    1. Petro Vivier on

      We have a Persian rug in our kitchen – adds so much warmth!

    2. COLLEEN on

      Lovely – thanks V

    3. Felicia on

      Fabulous kitchens!!

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