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    So this happened last week – our amazing, amazing cupboard guy Marke and his team came to fit some cupboards for packing away what The Captain kindly refers to as my sh*t! It’s for my styling essentials i need for shoots, enough stationery to stock a small shop and as i’ve discovered (i started unpacking my crates yesterday), a pretty impressive present cupboard. Also, enough gift cards, tags and wrap to keep Santa’s elves busy and well, i have to admit defeat,  a whole of cr*p!! The doors are being put on this week and i’m looking forward to having a lovely white expanse of white wall space and some floor space where Charley and Ava and their friends can play and have fun. We’ve made the cupboards so that the shelves can be removed and taller stuff can be stacked inside too.

    Any way, that’s the reason for today’s post – to share playroom and kids room storage ideas which i’m obviously pinning like a maniac…enjoy


    These are probably one of my favourite IKEA designs ever – i would kill for some of these in my office and tucked away in the bottom of our cupboards


    How cute is this cooking station? We’ve got a little cooking set which i want to pop into the bottom shelf of one of the cupboard blocks.


    Something for the monochromatic mama – some might say this is a little institutional, but the simplicity definitely has appeal for minimalists i’m sure


    Something i didn’t factor in for our playroom and which i’m thinking of adding to the girls’ bedroom is an open bookshelf that they can access themselves  – nice for self-managed quiet time and for choosing a book before bed


    I think i may have shared this unit before – i love it!


    You CANNOT go wrong with block shelves – and that reading nook is adorable too!


    These box steps are fab – so useful and fun for kids to clamber on too


    I absolutely LOVE this seamless bench and storage unit – LOVE it!!

  • 5 Comments to “Cool Kids Storage Ideas”

    1. Diana on

      But how do we store Lego? How? Please help!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great ideas

    3. Bevin le Roux on

      Also need ideas for lego storage!!

    4. iwantthat on

      Lego storage ideas coming up!! V x

    5. Victoire on

      Such gorgeous storage ideas! I am busy with a bedroom revamp for my children at the moment. I have loved those Ikea trolleys for years! You can buy them in SA but I just haven’t been able to justify the cost yet.

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