• Hello lovelies! I’m sorry i’ve been scarce this week – to be honest i’m pretty much operating in first gear at the moment. We’ve been down in Stanford for 10 days now and its been absolutely fabulous to be here with a steady stream of friends and family coming to stay too. The weather has been amazing and as a result, i’ve hardly switched my computer on…that said, i’m aware of the pile of emails building up and i’m also spending time pinning up a storm when i take a little time out to feed Ava. Today’s post is about what’s been on my mind a fair amount lately – cool storage for kids! When i packed up to come down here i realised just how much stuff we all come with and i was driving myself mad trying to consolidate clothes, toys and essentials for both girls. While their toys are pretty well organised in see through plastic crates – looking at some of these ideas, i could do a lot better!


    Boxes that kids can access themselves are great for independent play and child-led clean ups too. The key is to sort regularly so that things don’t descend into chaos.


    This upcycled drawer-bookshelf is an ingenious way to keep books both easily accessible and nea. Click here to see how to make one yourself.


    Canvas sacks are a big trend and its easy to understand why – they look great lined up on a floor – and even better when hooked up! Try Simply Child for hooks and Mono for canvas sacks similar to these. how-to-create-a-homework-area-for-kids-use-inexpensive-wooden-crate-for-storage-and-organization

    Create a space your teen will love by upcycling ordinary crates into extraordinary little spaces they can curate.


    Pegboard makes a perfect partner for an older kids work station!


    If you’v got a good carpentry contact – think about child-height built in desking and storage – this could always be converted into a seating space when they’re older and taller!


    We’ve all seen cube storage a million times – but colourful wrapping paper scraps (print patterns off the net) and/or wallpaper leftovers turn this from useful to unbelievably easy-on-the-eye. Try Nevada for IKEA cubes – also Trestle South Africa.


    I LOVE this customied unit for obvious reasons – it’s freaking amazing!! What i really like about it though (aside from the genius hidey hole and the plywood that its made of), is the amount of shallow drawers. With Charley and Ava’s cupboards, i’ve realised that deep drawers for kids are a waste – their clothes are small and literally don’t take up the same amount of space as our clothes so you end up with wasted space in a standard cupboard. Shallow drawers and shelves are your friend if you have kids – allowing you to store like with like and minimise messiness.

    Hope some of these inspire you, lovelies! Have a happy and peaceful Christmas if you celebrate – i’ll see you on the other side of the weekend. Last year this time The Captain kept on asking me what i wanted for Christmas and i kept on saying ‘a baby’ – little did i know i was already pregnant – we have so much to be grateful for and are so excited to be celebrating Charley’s third and Ava’s first Christmas! The tree goes up today – hooray! V xx

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    1. Lalannie on

      Some great ideas, thank you.
      Have a happy christmas and merry new year!
      Looking forward to all you have in store in 2017!!

    2. Kimberley on

      Love the inspiration! Especially the canvas sacks – great idea 🙂 have a super Christmas Vicki! X

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