• The weather in Cape Town is enough to drive even the most relaxed person nuts – i can’t handle the wind, it makes me feel so unsettled and if it goes on for any lenght of time, grumpy! The Captain and i both have a thing about white horses on the ocean and how they make us feel unsettled – i’m trying not to look out the window!

    While i know that many of you share my penchant for pops of colour in our homes, i do love the look of neutral spaces, the calm they project and the sense of order too. That said, i can kind of imagine myself leaping into the pic, chucking a colourful cushion or throw onto a couch or bed and scuttling off.

    With a black fireplace already acting as a focal point in this room, using white as the counterpart seems a no brainer

    A pop of green definitely seems to lighten the look

    Looks like a nice spot to spend a lazy afternoon

    Love the decorative details in the wallpaper and the rug

    Some workspace inspiration

    There’s that pop of green again

    And again

    You can always rely on black and white for creating a great graphic effect

    Have a lovely afternoon! V x

    Pic credits in order of appearance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8

  • 3 Comments to “Black, White & Neutral”

    1. Tanya B on

      I could see myself living in a home like this.

    2. Hayley-Ann on

      I love the dramatic’s of the black and white! It’s so New York Sexy!

    3. Brenda Finch on

      gosh so pleasing on the eye

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