• Hi lovelies! I’m so excited since our bathroom is just about done and soon i’ll be able to share the progress with you! It took a while to decide where i wanted to take the look of our new bathroom, especially since we’ve loved having a dark and moody bathroom for the past 7 years. But it’s time for a change!! Before i blab on about my own bathroom though, i wanted to share some bathroom trends for 2017 that are hot hot hot in bathrooms right now and how you can get the look with Womag products.


    Pink Perfection

    So this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but i am loving how pink is such beautiful and big news in bathrooms at the moment. What to marry it with? Marble is a must as are old school taps and fitting – and especially those in copper or brass. And a stand alone bath is a must for this look, yes?


    Urban Cool

    This look relies on the happy marriage of white, black and wood with lots of square lines – think lab sinks, utilitarian fittings and old school cool tiles – metro tiles are a must for this look. Wood is an important component of this trend and wood look tiles are a BIG factor in achieving this in a bathroom since real wood is a no no. Once you’ve seen them, you’ll understand why. Super realistic, super practical and super pretty, wood look tiles are such an affordable way to bring wood into your home and you’ll find choices in every colourway imaginable. Another big trend is to use white grout with black tiles and black grout with white – it’s all about getting graphic!


    Hotel Luxe

    Now this look i’m loving! It’s totally OTT and it feels so extravagant and out of my league but still there’s something about it that really appeals to me. Maybe it’s because i really want a more grown up space in this house but i could go to town with luxurious fittings and finishes – from real deal marble slabs to marble-look tiles, super shiny fittings and a beautiful contemporary standalone bath. Ooh, and a chandelier too! Maybe its because our bedroom no longer feels like quite the sacred space it used to be before children that i relish the thought of creating a truly beautiful sanctuary where i can retreat to…

    If you’re in the market for floorings and finishes for your bathroom and kitchens, head to WOMAG – not only are their products brilliant and utterly beauteous, they’re offering massive discounts on loads of their products for the next few months – some of these tiles featured here are up to 40% off!

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