• Ever since we started renovating (a year ago) i’ve had the a picture in my head of what i wanted for our guest loo. I even begged The Captain to make sure there was a deep shelf a certain height for our National Geographics.

    When it was done, it was a plain white sliver of a space.

    Then it started to happen. I bought the yellow mirror from one of my favourite stores in town Vamp (it was the PERFECT yellow plus i sold my Mac the week before for the exact amount that the mirror cost, so Bargain Betty!) and started collating all the National Geographic maps i’ve been collecting for over ten years (one i’ve had since i was a teenager, waiting for the perfect moment).

    this is what it looked like before we finished it (mad scramble for camera once the first map was up and i don’t know how to Photoshop the wall back to plain white, so just imagine it all plain)


    And this is how it looks now! Voila! As we’re not exactly wallpaper experts, there are still some creases we need to iron out but once that’s done it’ll be varnished with a matt varnish and we’ll be good to go.


    Have a happy Thursday lovelies! V x

  • 38 Comments to “Bathroom Before & After”

    1. Suz on

      ooooh ooooh ooooh… it’s beautiful!!!

    2. alex on

      it looks incredible! love love love!

    3. Rosemary on

      That loo is so inviting, you’ll be hard pressed to get your guests out of it!

    4. Diana on

      how awesome!

      and i don’t want to be crass but, national geographic is the perfect… um… reading material when you’re spending some time in there.

      (hoepfully your guests don’t spend too much time in your bathroom though)

    5. Karen on

      Soooo clever!! Very impressed with your creativity. And Yay to Vamp for the perfect accessory!!!

    6. Michelle Petrie-Burton on

      the mirror is perfection

    7. Leigh-Ann on

      well done – clever lady!

    8. D'vine Living on

      oh nice, I have always had a love for maps even though I was sooooo bad at geography at school. would sit in that bathroom forever.well done

    9. Michelle on

      You are a genius! Most inspirational and fun bathroom idea I’ve seen in a long time. I might just unpack the Nat Geo’s again…

    10. Danna on

      I saw that mirror on the Vamp website and coveted it. I dunno about you, but I want everything to be that exact National Geographic shade of yellow these days. Well done!

    11. Jacci on

      love it!

    12. Gina on

      I may have to copy you …

    13. paula on

      Wow, had a pic in my head of what it was going to look like, and it looks even better. Love your work Miss V…
      PS:also love the colour previously known as canary yellow 😉

    14. charlotte on

      wow you could certianly get lost in there remembering the places you’ve been and planning the ones still to see!! Love the maps but then I am a travel fanatic….

    15. Colleen on

      How fantastic is this? Might I suggest that you put instructions up on the door that a guest is only permitted 5 minutes at a time in the geo loo and that they may need a passport and visa before entering hehe. I think it’s an awesome idea. Want to see the finished product please. xx

    16. iwantthat on

      haha Coll, love the passport idea and Miss Moss, that was EXACTLY my thinking – the best reading material for the erm…ablutions is def NG.

    17. Kate Cloete on

      I am well impressed – i would like to use your guest loo!!!!

    18. Jacquie Withers on

      Fantastic! This is so beautiful! Well done!

    19. Anna on

      Have you got something against Australia?? haha!
      A crap with a map….lovely!

    20. Kim on

      You are sooo clever Vix. This is quite wonderful!

    21. Bern on

      All the lovely-ness!!!

    22. Bridget Richardson on

      Love it Vicki!

    23. Li on

      That is the most wonderful bathroom I’ve ever seen, Honest!

    24. RedCat on

      Looks great!! Reckon you’ve started a new trend!

    25. Rose McClement on

      It is really so cool – well done. It inspires me to go out and see what I have collected and tucked away. Sometimes I am too keen to de-clutter and toss out things I have held onto for years, only to regret it later.

    26. aloma on

      almost as impressive at the loos at Fire & Ice Protea Hotel in Cape Town. (stayed there a couple of weeks ago)

      Really awesome, each loo has a theme, as do the lifts.

      Go and have a look see.

      Enjoy – Aloma.

    27. kbd on

      Love the yellow POP against all that blue…

    28. brazen on

      so awesome!

    29. ashe on

      you are so clever you should be twins! it looks magnificent…

    30. Van on

      Vix, you’re a legend!

    31. Taschja on

      Love it! My husband will love this…while sitting on the throne he can plan the next travelling route! LOL Great work!

    32. Thaya on

      I’ve pee’d in that bathroom! haha. Amazing, Vicks!

    33. Lindsey on

      So stunning Vix!!!

    34. Once upon a Time on

      Love it! Been looking for old maps like that for ages.

    35. Ansie on

      O! I love maps. And I never know what to do with a guest toilet. this is sooo super! Well done.

    36. StyleScoop on

      Great job and totally unique!

    37. Denise on

      What a fantastic project. The final product looks fantastic and unique!

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      […] ‘wallpapered’ her guest loo using a collection of National Geographic maps she’d been collecting for yonks. Love the […]

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