• Happy day lovelies. Phew, I’m glad the weekend is almost here. Before you head off into Friday though, we present for your consideration, baskets. They really have got to be a home’s most useful friend – attractive as well as practical, whether it’s wire or wicker, colourful or industrial, baskets are one of the few utilitarian items that we’re also happy to leave on display. If you love objects that project a sense of the handmade, then consider creating a feature wall of interesting baskets, large, small, natural, colourful and everything in between. They really are artworks bearing the spirit of the person who wove them, so why on earth hide them away?

    4 3 2 1 Then there’s wire. Available from many hardware stores, kitchen departments and second hand shops, it’s a brilliant idea to repurpose a wire basket or three, mount them on the wall and use for storage, displaying and sorting jewellery, bathroom essentials and toiletries, in a kids’ room for front-facing books, and even in the kitchen filled with small pots of herbs and decorative indoor plants.

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    Traditional woven baskets take on a whole new life when mounted on a wall and used to store crafty items or home office paraphernalia. In a kid or baby’s room, baskets in different sizes but identical designs are hugely practical, and a series of baskets used for storage and left on display on floating shelves can become a feature in themselves.
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    So if you’ve got a couple of woven lovelies lying around, haul them out and make a feature of them… While sorting out your life just a little bit too.

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  • 3 Comments to “Basket Cases”

    1. Bevin le Roux on

      People are so clever!! useful storage for the kids books…

    2. Ploy on

      Perfect post for the weekend. Design Afrika is launching their new shop in Woodstock tomorrow!


    3. Colleen on

      Great ideas! Love the towels in wire baskets

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