• Hello lovelies! So if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen our progress on our reno. And that there are a lot of black and charcoal grey details  that we’re using to add visual interest to the space (my sister’s latest question to me “what’s with all the black?!!”) So far, we’ve painted one whole wall in our ‘little lounge’ black, some oversized urns black and the kitchen and playroom cupboards (that were duck egg blue) dark charcoal (all the pix are in my #iwantthatreno highlights reel on my Insta) I’ve got some other plans for black detailing but we need to finalise our flooring before we do that. I actually started this folder of images about 6 months ago, way before we bought this new house, so clearly my brain was in a place where i was craving an opportunity to inject some bold black and charcoal into our would-be home. Take a look at some of the inspo i filed away…

    This is a utility room but it makes me think of a dressing room and i love it!

    i LOVE this painted cabinet – look how the decorative items pop against the dark colour

    As luck would have it, we ripped out a similar French door in our entrance hall but have left the side windows as a detail and those, my friends – are going black (my sister is going to HATE it, she honestly thinks we’re nuts!)

    The reason why i saved this pic was because of the marriage of wood and black. We have a few furniture pieces that i really like but which are too Cape cottage for my liking – but sanded down and painted in matt varnish i think may work against black detailing.

    This chest of drawers is killing me – i love it!!

    Need to find a door…

    So it’s safe to say – black is back – in our house anyway! For up-to-the-minute reno updates – watch on Insta @vicki_iwantthat

  • 6 Comments to “Back to Black Again”

    1. Miri on

      Abs love the black esp in a house where you have space and light, goes so well with all other shades of charcoal too, wood as well.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So chic & stylish – love it

    3. Lizel on


    4. Kate Main on

      Absolutely adore the black! Totally understand why you are doing it!

    5. Amanda on

      Looks like black is back. Love the black bookcase and how the items pop!

    6. Ingrid Fortuin on

      Love it so much

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