•  I absolutely love this time of year – not just because it’s my birthday coming up but because there is something in the air – the heat of summer isn’t as intense as December, the wind has died down where we live and we can really revel in the views of the sea and the peninsula and we can sit outside until late at night. Which is why these pix of a gorgeous summer backyard party really speak to me – i love how the table has been crammed full of beautiful succulents and touches of metallic…it’s so up my alley and i’m inspired to copy some of the elements. I bought gorgeous gold cutlery last year and i haven’t used it yet – this could be my chance.









    They key to this lovely look really seems to be the marriage of lots of natural textures and plenty of green tones too – add that touch of metallic and the luxe factor really sets in!

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  • 3 Comments to “An Inspiring Outdoor Table Setup”

    1. Yvonne on

      love it!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So inviting

    3. Adel Ainslie on

      Love the delicious monster on the table – going to totally steal that idea! http://www.lifeofreily.co.za

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