• Hi lovelies. I’m about to share a bunch of #iwantthatreno posts with you – we’ve been in that hurry-up-and-wait finishing off phase for freaking ages – some things done, so many not done! This week is a big week, we get our new headboard covered in gorgeous Halogen velvet, our ottoman, covered in dusky pink fabric i spotted at Hemporium for our bathroom should come, we’ve got a beautiful big shutter from Taylor Blinds arriving, my update from where our kitchen is, the MOST beautiful counters from Womag is due, our playroom cupboards need to be finished off, i’m measuring up for a wall of cork tiles in our office…um, what else, i’ve ordered wooden planters for our kitchen herb and veggie garden, , our sideboard is due for collection from Simply Home (can’t wait!), i’ve bought fabric for more curtains for our bedroom and the playroom…oh, we painted the bedroom and bathroom a lovely grey colour (Prominent Paints for the win!) and i need to show you the carpet choosing process which was really fun and quite enlightening too (Bentleytex has a personality quiz which helps you to hone your choice).

    That’s a whole lot of nuts and bolts stuff, yikes!!  Obviously, i’ve told you all how i’m going for a much simpler palette in this house – that as much as i love colour and am mad about pattern, i really just wanted to tone things down in this house. Well, my lovelies, it’s NOT that easy. I seem to be surrounded my colour and pattern everywhere i turn and every time i head to a fabric shop or look in a fabric book, i invariably go for the crazy florals or the bright teal blue velvet! So, it’ll be interesting to see if this for a visually pared down existence actually works! Ha!

    Anyway, i’m blabbering…here are some lovely monochromatic spaces that are helping me to keep me head straight and my eye on the goal, which is a cleaner, leaner looking space. I know colour WILL creep back in but i really want a lovely neutral base to work off…



    Oh my word, i LOVE these shelves!!







    Have a grey-t afternoon me lovelies! V xx

    All images from here 

  • 3 Comments to “A Monochrome Moment”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      V peaceful

    2. Cathi on

      Love LOVE this vickerella !! Big hugs .. xx

    3. shanon on

      Not sure if I should be looking at these pics. It’s all too depressing when I slam the lid of the laptop and look around me. Have long been a fan of neutrals; grey walls, white bed linen, but your pics look straight out of a magazine. Well done, you have a veritable work of art in this house.

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