• Hi lovelies – so, we’re in that place at the moment – the kitchen planning phase and although i’m excited, i’m a bit overwhelmed too. Your kitchen is potentially one of the biggest expenses in a renovation and since we all spend so much time in them, it’s essential to get things absolutely right! So, if any of you are embarking on a renovation or a rebuild or have one planned for the future, save these tips from Eclipse, one of SA’s best loved kitchen cabinetry experts.


    1. The configuration of kitchen cabinetry plays an important role and determines the amount of storage space and the number of drawers. The new six tier kitchen configuration is becoming hugely popular. This configuration can give you two top drawers and two lower pot drawers. The counter height and plinth height need to be planned correctly to accommodate this latest trend.


    2.Good quality fittings including runners and hinges should be considered an important part of the furniture.


    3. It is far more ergonomic to use drawers instead of cupboards with shelves that you have to bend down and reach into. Wide drawers provide more storage space. CThink about the different drawer sides that make up the drawer systems behind the drawer fronts: Wooden, metal sides and metal with design elements such as glass.


    4. Equip your drawers with concealed runners. These are situated under the base of the drawer therefore hidden from view.  The explosed drawer sides will then become a design feature with a very neat finish.


    5. Choose fittings with superior motion technology for furniture to function perfectly. Drawers and doors can close softly and effortlessly without unnecessary banging.

    6. Did you know that there are now lift systems are available for wall cabinets? Access to the cabinet interior is easy as the door lifts up and out of the way. These are great for creating elegant horizontal lines.

    7. Workshop that awkward space in the kitchen corner by investing in a custom made solution – you’ll appreciate having done so for years to come.

    8.Choose fittings that come with guarantees, and be careful of ‘lifetime’ guarantees. Understand the limits of the guarantee and the meaning of ‘lifetime’. The ‘lifetime’ is the lifespan of the product.


    9. Quality/durability vs cheap . The old saying ‘goedkoop is duurkoop’ applies here. Cheaper products usually come at a price as the products lack durability and will need to be replaced more often. It is worth the extra initial cost outlay on better quality products that offer durability.

    10.To keep your cabinet fittings clean, use a soft lint-free cloth that’s damp, not wet and wipe off dirt as soon as it appears. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents unless specifically intended for materials.

    If you’re in the process of starting to plan your dream kitchen – make sure to visit Eclipse for the best quality kitchen solutions around


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