• Hi lovelies, i hope you’re well! It’s been a while since i blogged although I’ve been staying in touch fairly regularly on my Instagram feed! If you follow me on Insta (click here if you don’t already) you’ll see we really made the most of our time off with lots and lots of family time down in Stanford and also with friends up in Clanwilliam. It was wonderful to wake up with our people every day and to hang with them but i’m not lying when i say I AM SO GLAD THEY’VE GONE BACK TO SCHOOL! Charley is in her 3rd year at her play school and Ava started at a play group five mornings a week – they both started on Wednesday – can we all say a collective Hallelujah!

    Today’s giveaway is centred around the girls and something they loved the second i introduced it to them – it’s the Joekels Laager Tea4Kidz Range. It’s a rooibos-based collection of plain and flavoured teas and i agree with them – they’re utterly delicious! I am surrounded by total teapots in our home – The Captain and his girls love a cuppa and Charley has got back into Rooibos again after a bit of a break – we gave her bottle away to the bottle fairies about 6 months ago so she’s been missing her rooibos at night and i find its very soothing for Ava when she gets a little fractious as two year olds do – sitting down and spending ten minutes drinking tea and dipping a rusk is a definite meditative moment despite the mess!

    I was amazed at how many flavours there are in the  Laager Tea4Kidz range –

    Minki the Monkey’s All-in-One Tea (a blend of Rooibos, Honeybush, and Black Tea)

    Trumpy the Elephant’s Regular Rooibos

    Henry the Hippo’s Rooibos Honeybush Blend

    Rory the Lion’s Strawberry-flavoured Rooibos – the girls are sold on this flavour! 

    Jabu the Giraffe’s Vanilla Custard-flavoured Rooibos – i love this flavour! 

    Roxy the Rhino’s Peach & Apricot-flavoured Rooibos – this one is fabulous for iced tea! 

    Aside from the fact that the Laager Tea4Kidz taste great, there are a number of other reasons why i’m so happy for them to have it as part of their daily routine

    • Rooibos is a major anti oxidant (maybe it might even cancel out the millions of Flings my kids have eaten this holiday?)

    • Rooibos tea is caffeine free

    • Rooibos tea contains zero preservatives, additives or colourants

    • Rooibos tea is naturally hydrating

    • Rooibos tea is gentle and soothing for troubled tummies

    • Rooibos tea is cancer and heart disease fighting

    • Rooibos tea helps reduce allergies and inflammation

    No paparazzi!!

    Aside from the fun of having a tea party with good-for-you rooibos, i love that any of the  Laager Tea4Kidz teas are wonderful when used to make iced tea. It’s so refreshing, tastes amazing with fresh fruit added to it and is such a great way to get kids to stay hydrated and feel like they’re been given a treat. Charley’s current party trick is to haul the stepladder to our pantry cupboard and show anyone who will listen all the amazing treat teas she and Ava were sent!

    WHAT YOU CAN WIN FROLaager Tea4Kidz

    The R800 hamper includes

    • Beautiful bamboo 5-piece dining sets – my girls are loving theirs

    • Organic baby products (infused with rooibos) from Yorba

    • A Zoku Safari Pop Maker – this has been a HUGE hit in our house and it’s such a great way to make milky tea pops

    • The full range of Laager Tea4Kidz teas


    • Like Laager Rooibos on FB or like the giveaway post on my Instagram

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    • Leave me a message below to say which tea catches your eye and to say where you’ve entered (i’ll be checking 😉

    The giveaway closes 23 January and is open to SA residents only

  • 30 Comments to “WIN with Tea4Kidz”

    1. Ncuthwa Luke on

      Laager Tea4Kidz Vanilla Custard

      Entered On Facebook

    2. Janet Watson Perry on

      Minki the Monkey tea grabs my eye – I love any kind of tea as long as it’s rooibos! entered on FB and IG (@janetwperry)

    3. Adele on

      My kids love the strawberry flavour, but they all really nice! Ive entered on Facebook

    4. kamilah francis on

      Henry the hippos rooibos honeybush blend entered on Facebook and Instagram

    5. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Rooibos & Honeybush sound like a winning combo. Entered on FB and intend entering on instagram too.

    6. Theofista Ruiters on

      Rooibos and honeybush is my babas favourite,I entered on FB and instagram:)

    7. ann foster on

      honeybush please

      entered on Facebook

    8. Ingrid Fortuin on

      My kids are big but still love their tea!

    9. Colleen on

      Rooibos & Honeybush, posted on Instagram 🙂

    10. Thuvashni Govender on


    11. Sandy Meyer on

      The Vanilla Custard!!!

      I entered on Facebook and Instagram

      Fingers crossed!

    12. Colleen on

      Rory the Lion Strawberry – FB

    13. Raymond on

      Rooibos and Honeybush for me.
      Entered on FB and Instagram

    14. Madge on

      The vanilla custard sounds amazing. Sure August will love it too!

    15. Marietjie Bezuidenhout on

      My boys love the Strawberry flavoured Rooibos tea. This is such an amazing giveaway. Wow. Fingers crossed.

    16. ruth on

      We LOVE the rooibos and Honeybush tea.

      Tweeted @roxyruth

      Liked on FB

    17. Carolyn Augustus on

      Rooibos and Honeybush. Entered on Facebook and Instagram

    18. Nadia Hall on

      Rooibos and Honeybush is my little boys favorite

    19. Nadia Hall on

      Oooops entering on Facebook & Instagram

    20. Shirley Muswema on

      Roxy the Rhino’s Peach & Apricot-flavoured Rooibos for ice tea sounds delicious, entered on Instagram

    21. Belinda on

      We love Peach and Apricot

    22. Belinda on

      Facebook- Belinda Lee
      Twitter- @Belinda70668931

    23. Adeline on

      Rooibos and honeybush
      Entered on Fb & IG
      Tweeted @pillay_adeline

    24. Marc McDonald on

      Vanilla Custard Definitely – entered on Instagram

    25. Ragmat Baron on

      The vanilla custard looks delicious.
      Shared on twitter @raggie_786
      And instagram @ragmatbaron

    26. Summer on

      My kids love the strawberry flavour!

    27. Angel Markus on

      Rooibos and honeybush !

    28. stephanie videira on

      My daughters love the strawberry flavour, i have entered on instragram and shared on twitter

    29. emlyn thomas on

      Rooibos & Honeybush for my kids. Entered on FB

    30. Celeste Brown on

      Jabu the Giraffe’s Vanilla Custard-flavoured Rooibos
      I’ve entered on the blog and left comment on Instagram as well (@wrapsody_knysna)

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