• I know you all love a great giveaway and i KNOW you love Lindt and Lindor products so today’s giveaway is going to be a hit i’m sure. Lindor are offering an enormous picnic hamper crammed with loads of delicious spoils including bubbly and snacks and chcocolate galore to enjoy for a Valentine’s Day picnic.

    LINDOR Valentines Hamper image

    Here’s what you have to do…

    Lindor Under the Stars Picnic Hamper Giveaway

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    • Leave a POEM in the comments section below – be it a Roses are Red style poem, a funny limerick or the cheesiest ode to love you can think of composing – we want to hear what makes your heart pump lumpy custard, who is your Prince Charming and what kind of a Lindor picnic you want for Valentine’s Day…

    I’ll go first:

    Captain my Captain

    Oh what will it be,

    A dinner for two or takeaways by the sea?

    I really don’t mind how we celebrate

    Although a shedload of Lindor would really be great!

    V xx

  • 83 Comments to “WIN a Valentine’s Lindor Picnic Hamper worth R1500!”

    1. Bianca Balutto on

      Upon the earth the snow kisses
      Glittering flakes drop as the ice glistens
      My soul has awaken and now my heart listens
      In my mind your voice whispers
      When I close my eyes at night I dream of you
      When I awake to the morning dew I think of you
      Somehow I feel in your arms is where I belong
      I’ve waited for someone like you for so long
      Now my heart beats with a happy rhyme
      Couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine

    2. Antonella on

      How do I love thee?
      Let me count the ways
      I love thee to the depth,breadth and height (of Lindor)
      My Soul can reach, when feeling out of sight (the need for Lindor )
      I love thee to the level of everydays (count of Lindor )
      Oh…I love thee for thyself too dear Valentine

    3. Ketna on

      L uxurious
      I ncredible
      N ice
      D electable
      T asty

      Chocolate 😉


    4. Caryn Black on

      My dream Valentine, would be to wine and dine
      In a fancy restaurant, over looking Arc de Triomphe
      But I’d certainly settle for some bubbly, Together with my hubby
      In a quiet picnic spot, on the Drakensberg mountain Top
      But if for nothing else, It has been agreed
      A box of Lindor chocolate is all I ACTUALLY need!

    5. Hlelile Vinkhumbo on

      In the morning, you kiss me ‘goodbye’
      And I breathe in your wonderful scent
      I wake later realizing that your presence lingers
      That you are still with me
      I hug your pillow and it smells like you
      I rise and smile . . .
      The room carries the scent of your cologne
      I wake our son and I can smell you on him, too
      As you have gently kissed him before you left
      I descend the stairs and you are there
      I can trace your morning path
      Just following the wonderful smell
      It’s your morning hug to me
      Telling me that you are still here
      In my heart, in my thoughts, in my dreams
      Which is right where you belong

    6. Sue on

      oses are red, violets are blue, before u walk through that door you better have my Lindor, else you will be sore. So please bring me four or more and I will love you to your core’ I’m horrible @ poems! Sorry.
      A lindor picnic filled with gorgeous lindor chocolates paired beautifully with some wine, nuts, fresh fruit (strawberries to dip In melted lindor) would be a dream ! #lovelindorsa
      Roses are red, violets are blue, oh my dear how I love you so… but… I love Lindor more!

    7. Linda Laing on

      Opening the shutter with heart aflutter , I see rose grasping lips and chocolate bearing hands… My legs are butter… I gasp and utter “Are those all mine?” I hear a stutter… Why yes my beauty but only if you’ll be my Valentine! My husband makes my heart go Kaboom after all these years and he always surprises me in the most romantic of ways. I would love a picnic in a secluded garden all lit up with those console glass jar lights, a spread of Nandos chicken and mountains of Lindor chocolates for dessert with some wine. Not such a tall order…

    8. Christene Avenant on

      Lindor oh Lindor where art though. .. my heart acke when ur not around. … my mouth goes sour and my heart goes sweet for I know ull be at my feet.

    9. Anita on

      There once was a man from Peru
      Who had a girlfriend or two.
      He gave them both mints,
      But not any Lindts
      And now he’s in quite a stew

    10. Lindsey on

      Roses are red,
      Violets are blue,
      I love pizza dates,
      How about you?


      I'm really bad at this hehe

    11. Sophie on

      I love your eyes, I love your nose,
      I love you right from your head to your toes.
      The 14th of February – say you’ll be mine?
      Oh please can we celebrate with chocolate and wine!

    12. Losh Kisten on

      I’m not perfect but you love me, when there is nobody to hear me scream or cry, I still have you, because only you can love me skinny or over weight, long hair or short, you taught me to love myself.We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to love a imperfect person perfectly..#LoveLindorSA

    13. Sarah Roberts on

      Love is inexplicable
      It is that feeling that makes you feel unbelievable

      It’s a moment in your life that is pivotal
      When you love someone unconditional

      It its at times unpredictable
      Love makes you do things unthinkable

      It awakens feelings inside you that make you feel invincible
      Its like a story that is lyrical

      But sometimes it makes you miserable
      If your loved one does something criminal

      Love is most incredible
      Love is most invisible

      In our lives love is integral
      Love is most pleasurable

    14. Rehana Seedat on

      My hubby and I sat on Robben Islands pier
      Happily married for plus 20 years
      Recounting the great things the two of us can share
      The birth of our boys for which both I was there
      The bumps and bruises that life sends us all
      Made us laugh & cry but together stood tall
      As life trundles on we try hard to stay fit
      Sometimes whilst gyming my knees ache a bit
      As we look back at Cape Town some eight k’s away
      We’ve much to be gratefull for in so many ways
      When we get off our boat we’ll be off for a bite
      And dance cheek to cheek for the rest of the night
      Twenty years ago I got real lucky, no not the lotto

    15. Este van Aswegen on

      Me and my hubby
      Will celebrate with some bubbly
      Our love for each other
      Made me a mother
      Two sweet little boys
      So now we only buy toys

    16. Paula on

      For a Valentine’s picnic, dear hubby
      Let’s pack up some snacks and some bubbly
      For dessert there’ll be Lindor
      What more could one ask for?
      Now doesn’t that sound simply lovely?

    17. Lynn botha on

      My husband is my soulmate.. I know he’ll never cheat.. He even remembers to put down the toilet seat.. With 2 young kiddies, we wont be going out.. We’ll celebrate valentines with a family picnic no doubt. He knows i love lindt, more than other gifts you see.. And that strawberrys and cream sounds like the perfect fantasy.

    18. Marc on

      Roses are red violets are blue I love you

    19. Michelle on

      Rose are red violets are blue my happiness is found in you

    20. Charmaine on

      Roses are red violets are blue, my love for you will forever be true

    21. Megan Kelly on

      Rose are red, Violets are blue,
      But, none of that will do!
      So I won’t bore you with socks,
      When we both know you want a Lindt Box.

    22. jESS on

      My dearest love,
      you have been sent to me like an angel from up above,
      my life is amazing thanks to you,
      to you forever I will be true!

    23. David Muller on

      Roses are Red
      But don’t rhyme with this part
      A Lindor picnic hamper
      will go straight to her heart

      Violets are Blue
      I will tell you no lies
      A Lindor picnic hamper
      Won’t go to my thighs…

    24. jp botha on

      We shouldn’t only spoil our loved ones on valentines day, but with life as it is, we try and keep the expenses at bay.. Telling my wife i love her would probably be enough, but bringing her lindt chocolate. Is guaranteed to make me hot stuff.

    25. GARY LAIGHT on

      Roses are red,
      Violets are flowers,
      I could eat Lindt Chocolate for hours & hours…

    26. cat@jugglingact on

      My love
      You are my Lindor chocolates
      and Graham Beck Pink Bubbly

      Melitng in my mouth
      and popping on my tongue

    27. LiezelTee on

      Love is blind
      Love is kind
      Love isn’t mint
      Love is LINDT

    28. Lauren on

      When I met you first, I thought my heart might burst.
      You were funny and kind and always on my mind.
      17 Years later you still make me smile and you always go the extra mile.
      I hope we win the “under the stars” hamper, this would be a great Valentines Day pamper!

    29. Losh Kisten on

      Some days suck and bring bad luck with troubles by the load.
      There’s a pothole or a speed bump every step along the road.
      But here’s the way I save the day, I simply think of you.
      That burst of sunshine makes me smile and helps me make it through ,
      you the reason for my smile..(liked n shared on FB / tweeted / love this whooohooo #LoveLindorSA

    30. Grace Hendricks on

      My sweets
      You remind me of my Lindt chocolate
      Smooth, Creamy & Tasty
      Jus like the kisses we Share
      At any given moment
      Coz every moment together is valentine


    31. Cathy Badenhorst on

      Forget Roses are Red and Violets are blue,
      All I know is my love for you is true.
      That very first day we met,
      is one we will never forget.
      Two hearts that joined as one,
      a love that will never be undone.
      A picnic at our favourite spot with twinkling stars above and a hamper of Lindt and Champagne will set our hearts afire.

    32. nadene moolman on

      The day we met you you made my heart smile,
      The day we married together we walked up the isle,
      now years later you still make my heart skip a beat,
      especially when bearing lindt choccies to eat 🙂

      Would love to spoil my hubby, he has supported me through all the toughest of times and i love him more now than ever, crazy how love keeps changing and growing as we walk together through life. He still rocks my world <3

    33. Lebogang Moagi on

      The love of my life, this valentines day there’s no other way than going the Lindor way. The 2 of us deserve the best treat of all times.

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