• Helloooooooooo!! I know, lovelies, it’s been months and months since i last blogged but i’m ready to come out of my hibernation and i thought a good way to get the ball rolling would be with a divine skincare giveaway!  I’ll go into more detail as to what’s been going on in our lives for the past few months in a separate post but lots and lots has happened – some of it good, some not so great but all in all we’re forging forward.

    One of the things i’ve been focusing on over the past month is my skincare regime – it sounds so self involved but after being in hospital for different issues twice in four months and literally falling into bed at 8pm most nights, my skincare really fell to the wayside and boy did it look like it! Fine lines weren’t so fine anymore, i still have major black bags under my eyes and my skin just looked dull and unloved. So finally opening up the SVR package i was delivered a few months ago feels like a real step towards self care.

    The Laboratoire SVR brand is a French family brand that was founded in 1962. They describe themselves as ‘the most concentrated dermalogical brand’ and they are especially focused on sensitive skin. They have different ranges and targeted treatments (ranging from systems for combination skin to pigmentation issues and ageing skin). Ageing and dehydrated skin is my biggest concern, given that i’m erm 45, so the Densitium range is perfect for me. here’s what i thought…

    I trialled the soap free Topialyse Foaming Gel, the Densitium Bi-Serum, Densitium Créme (day) and Densitium Créme Riche (night).

    • First of all, the price point for these products is great and that’s a big focal point for me. The range is easily available at Clicks stores and also at Absolute Skin, who have the entire range including some of their targeted products – i can’t wait to try the Densitium Rose creme next.

    • Starting with the cleanser, i was a little unsure of using a gel cleanser as i have such dry skin but the Topialyse Foaming Gel is especially formulated to be an anti dryness product and for sensitive skin and it really delivers. It’s crammed with omega oils and  the fact that its soap free is a huge bonus as i know my skin won’t feel tight afterwards. I use it morning and night and i can’t believe how long the tube has lasted – it’s R200 – a great price for such a quality product.

    • The Densitium Bi-Serum consists of two key products (hyaluronic acid and bio calcium) that are combined when you press down on the dispenser. This targeted treatment won the Prix France Prix d’Excellence d award at the Marie Claire Beauty awards in 2018 and if you have ageing skin issues like crow’s feet, wrinkles and sagging skin, they guarantee results in 1 month. As a self confessed serum junkie, i am loving this product. It’s rich, has an oil like texture yet is light and my skin drinks it in. I definitely feel like my skin has a glow to it after i’ve applied it.

    • The day cream is the Densitium Créme and it’s amazing. It has a beautiful, luxurious texture and is dense and rich without being sticky. It is absorbed so well into my skin and my skin has reacted really well to it. My sunscreen and makeup goes on easily over it too which is a must for me.

    • The night cream is a serious spoil. Appropriately called Densitium Créme Riche – it’s a super quenching cream that feels like you’re really feeding your skin. It’s pure hydration in a jar and that’s no surprise given that some of the ingredients include shea and hyaluronic acid. It’s also R400 – a seriously good price for something so seriously hard working.

    All in all i would definitely definitely recommend this combination of products to anyone who has dehydrated skin, who has lines and is showing (or heading towards) the signs of ageing. My skin feels a lot glowier and is so much lighter and brighter – and it’s only been three weeks. According to SVR, i’ll start being real results in a month, i’ll keep you posted!

    The SVR Sun Secure Fluid is an SPF which has a Dry Touch formula. I’m thrilled it’s a an SPF 50, rather than a 20 because i’m pretty paranoid about the sun as i have quite a lot of damage. I apply this every morning and i like that it’s not very greasy (it describes itself as a milk) – i feel that the Densitium combination of products have already hydrated my skin enough, so a sunscreen that’s not too oily is essential. It can be used on everyone in the family, from babies up so it’s a good one to have in my handbag. Also it costs R237 – which is less than other sun fluids in this category,


    I’ve got one hamper containing all of these amazing productss to give away. Simply follow the to do’s below

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    *The giveaway ends on July 15th and is open to SA residents only

  • 46 Comments to “WIN a SVR Densitium Hamper”

    1. Maryke Kaplan on

      Sounds perfect for all my needs. 55 years old and need to try this.

    2. Liezel Thomas on

      I would love to try this it looks grrrreat!

    3. Les Darley Waddilove on

      Anither awesome chance to try something new

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Wow – just what I need as I am developing wrinkles on top of my wrinkles.
      The Thyroidectomy op that I had has also contributed to the deterioration
      of my skin tone – thus I am in dire need of TCL from SVR!

    5. Tracy Jacobs on

      Fab giveaway and the products look divine.

    6. Sharleen Deacon on

      Looks like a great product to try

    7. Chivonne on

      I was looking at this range at Clicks the other day, thought it looked great….. but with baby wipes, nappies, medicines for the constant snot nose, mama’s skin care products is so far down the list it – it’s more like a memory and the lines and dark circles a constant reminder.

    8. Miri on

      Always ready to try new products that ‘ do the trick’!

    9. Loreal on

      This is amazing. Would be delighted to win ❤

    10. Carla M VD Westhuizen on

      Welcome back! I missed your posts! This looks like a lovely prize to win 🙂 my starting-to-get-wrinkly skin would thank you!

    11. Cassandra on

      The Sun Secure Fluid sounds amazing! An absolute essential in this country, summer or winter, and a very reasonable price point compared to what I currently use too…

    12. Sarah on

      If only I could win this hamper …..aging is not fun and at the moment I am no loving it…..my skin in particular needs some extra “loving” as it really is giving my age away and who wants that (hahaha)…..love your blog and have been following you since you started.

    13. Allison on

      I absolutely need this in my life right now. I’d love to win it…xxx

    14. Alison on

      Skincare Junkie me says. Please pick me!!!

    15. Sue on

      So great to find a good skincare range that doesn’t cost the earth.

    16. Gillian on

      I have already got the night cream and love it. I would really appreciate an opportunity to multiply its effect by adding the other products to my routine for sensitive aging skin.

    17. Lizel on

      this would be such a great prize to win. xoxoxo

    18. Adriana on

      This sounds just like what my ageing skin needs right now.

    19. Zahraa Minty on

      My skin can do with some winter loving I will have a look at their products for sure

    20. Sarah on

      This looks wonderful! Great giveaway xx

    21. Charlotte Karpinska on

      Well you just sold me on its benefits would love to win the hamper and give it a try….anything to fight ageing right?

    22. Veega Naidoo on

      I really like this …spotted wrinkles and in panic….Save me!!!!!

    23. Louise on

      What a great prize! Love the products!

    24. Bevin on

      Sounds great. Would love to try!

    25. Riétte on

      Great prize!

    26. WaydeePregnolato on

      Ooh myy good Gaaawd this is a dream giveaway.. IV NEVER used any of these products…But only hear amazeballs reviews on it .. I’m 51yrs old and suddenly fine wrinkles. On my forehead. . around my eyes ..deep set lines around my mouth is setting in .. this would be puuurfect for my dry .. dehydrated .. Ageing skin ♥️♥️♥️

    27. debbie on

      Wow! Looks amazing and my fine lines neeeed this. pick me pick me <3

    28. Carolyn Augustus on

      Gorgeous prize

    29. Candy on

      Being a bit er… over 45 I definitely need the miracle serum

    30. Anusha Naidoo on

      A pleasure to read this was enlightening and interesting thank you.
      Will be a delight to win.
      Will be absolutely grateful and well used

    31. stephanie on

      Sound like products i need. turning 40 really need help with the fine lines

    32. Sa on

      This is exactly what I need!

    33. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel on

      Love this product range seen such amazing reviews

    34. Angela Parsons on

      What an awesome giveaway ! My skin is feeling tired and dry and very dehydrated from the winter heaters and fires. It would be a fabulous spoil to try the products. They sound fabulous!

    35. Marna Hendriks on

      Fantastiese produkte! Hou styf duime vas!!!

    36. rushdia omar on

      Would love to try this. Was just thinking I need a new face cream range

    37. Kirsten on

      This range looks amazing! The crow’s feet are really getting me down. – would love to win the hamper to lift the spirits

    38. Linda Bradfield on

      This product is amazing. I’ve used it to help clear problem skin

    39. Lisa Pienaar on

      Pick me! Joburg winter is withering my raging skin!

    40. Jessica on

      These products look delicious!

    41. Natalie Higgins Thurman on

      This range looks great. I am looking for a new product with my 40th fast approaching and defiantly starting to show in the lines department!

      It is always so difficult to know what to try and which creams are going to deliver the promised results without breaking the bank.

    42. Andrea on

      My skin needs this so desperately! Fingers crossed!

    43. Danné Middel on

      I have to try this product! Haven’t had any success with skin products lately and this product sounds wonderful !!

    44. Daniela Cardoso on

      The products sound amazing to try

    45. Carla Dos Reis on

      This sounds amazing! Would love to try it!

    46. Cathy Badenhorst on

      Always on the lookout for a great product that will help combat a dehydrated skin

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