• Hello lovelies – with Mother’s Day happening in just two days, i’m pretty sure you’ve dropped your wishlists and wants hints to your families and i’m sure you’ve sorted out gifts for your own Moms and Mothers in Laws. But what if i told you i had another beautiful spoil for one of you to keep or giveaway to someone who deserves one?

    I’m sure you all know Janine Binneman Jewellery – Janine is a good friend of mine and a very on the ball jeweller, tapping into trends, making her own signatures and just creating, creating, creating. She has two arms to her business – her off-the-peg pieces and her fine jewellery designs – all handmade in her studio. I pop in there regularly and have to practically sit on my hands not to dive into the gem stones and pendants and pretty stuff they have there!

    So…in honour of the Moms out there – i have a beautiful gift of two original name rings and a heart connector to give away.

    The prize is worth R900


    You need to:

    • Like the I Want That Facebook page and the Janine Binneman Jewellery Facebook page

    • SHARE this post from my Facebook page and click the like button below

    • Leave a comment below saying whose names you want on your name rings

    The giveaway ends next week 19 May 2017 and is open to SA residents only

  • 141 Comments to “WIN a Mother’s Day Spoil from Janine Binneman Jewellery!”

    1. Simone Jubiler on

      Jubes & Gadi

    2. Patsy Hampson on

      Josie & Isabella

    3. Kelly Jennings on

      Hayden and Aralyn

    4. Claire on

      Emily and Austin

    5. Kim on


    6. Meagan on

      Mackenzie & Courtney ❤

    7. Lolita Frazenburg on

      My big boy MICAH and my babygirl in heaven HANNAH ❤

    8. Dianne on

      Hannah and Cate

    9. Hanneli Fourie on

      Luan and Stella

    10. jade abbott on


    11. anneeda on

      Elna and Anneeda

    12. Janet W Perry on

      Star & Levi

    13. Christelle on

      Christelle & Helene <3

    14. Lee-ann Govender on


    15. Loreal on

      Amélie and Gerwin

    16. Colette on

      Already following both pages Liam and Ethan good luck to everyone and thanks for the cool giveaway… love your jewellery

    17. Elizabeth Groenewald on

      Elizabeth & Leslie

    18. stephanie videira on

      My daughters names Gabriella and Daniella

    19. Kim on

      Tristan, Ben & Jake

    20. Pam Tudin on

      My heart skipped a beat

    21. Shanni Thomas on

      Oliver Sophie Christopher and Leah …. would love their names on a ring!!

    22. Antonella on

      Savannah & Kenyah

    23. Chantelle on

      Harrison & Archer

    24. Lisa Randall on

      Morgan & Evan

    25. Marietjie Mac Lachlan on

      Chad & Kyle

    26. Firzana Martin Adams on

      Mikal & Isa ❤

    27. Nusrat Isaacs on

      Nusrat @ musaddiq

    28. Casey Fourie on

      Tamicah & Liam

    29. Dani on


    30. Nicola on

      Nix & Jeffs

    31. Antonella on

      Savannah and Kenyah

    32. Antonella on

      Kenyah and Savannah

    33. Mandy on

      Toby and Ella please please please

    34. Liesl de Jager on


    35. Caleb Ganas on


    36. Joy Strauss on

      Madison and Tannah

    37. Joy Strauss on

      Amber and Sienna

    38. Estie Gane on

      Jamie & Leyla ♡

    39. Suzette Viviers on

      Anria Marni My precious daughters!

    40. Lynette Plaatjies on

      Mary & Lynette

    41. Tania Davidson on

      Bryan & Slade

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