• Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be sharing info about this amazing giveaway with you today – i’ve told you before how wonderful i think the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet initiative is and once again they’ve shown their mettle as one of the most incredible organisations in the country. In the past 20 years, this community loyalty programme has grown to over 1.2 million subscribers and has raised over R500-million for schools, conservation organisations and charities in need. That’s a phenomenal amount of money raised by ordinary citizens going about their daily business at Woolies and other participating retailers.


    As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations MySchool has asked me to donate R5000 to a charity i admire and which could do with a boost. I am besides myself with happiness and would love to share a little bit about my charity of choice, Miracle Kidz Safe House. I first heard about them through Charley’s school as it is their chosen charity to support and i knew they provided a stable and loving home environment for abused, abandoned and neglected kids and babies –  but nothing could prepare me for meeting founder and house mom Elsie du Plessis – a softly spoken woman who has devoted her life to the kids in her care. Coincidentally, Elsie started Miracle Kidz 20 years ago when MySchool started out and she currently has 16 children and babies in her care, some of whom she home schools and three of whom she has adopted. The love, patience and understanding she shows each of the children in her and her partner Thomas’s care is incredible and for want of a better and less trite word, i was truly humbled by my meeting with her and the kids when i popped in there this week.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.44.05 PM

    It’s definitely not all doom and gloom at Miracle Kidz – Elsie and Thomas are Mom and Dad to the kids and its clear they are utterly adored by the children. Many of the kids are at mainstream schools and one of them, little Simone who is 9, is the National Tumbling Champion for her age group!


    Many of the children in Elsie and Thomas’s care have been affected by alcohol and drugs during their mother’s pregnancies and as a result many of them have severe learning and behavioural difficulties. Some of these children will never attend a mainstream school, they have all fallen through the cracks and it is Elsie who has saved from institutionalisation. These are children who are happy, loved, fed and stimulated each and every day of their lives. This is selflessness at work!

    If you haven’t signed up to be a card carrying MySchool member, please do. It costs you absolutely nothing but what they give to charities is  such an enormous help!

    Some quick facts:

    • As a MySchool participant, you can have up to three nominated charities to benefit from your contribution

    • MySchool SA is 100% free

    •MySchool SA raises over R6 million a month for charities in need

    • It’s really easy to become a card carrying MySchool SA supporter.  You can register online at www.myschool.co.za, call 0860 100 445, download the app or get a card at your local Woolworths store. It’s quick and easy.


    To celebrate 20 years of MySchool SA, they are giving away 20 R20 000 Woolies vouchers – to enter to win one: 

    • Leave a comment below so we can trace you

    • Share what charity is close to your heart on Twitter, Facebook or Insta and why you support it and don’t forget the hashtag #MySchool20 @Vicki_Iwantthat (Insta) @iwantthatnow (Twitter)

  • 10 Comments to “Small Gives HUGE Gains with MySchool”

    1. Diane Smith on

      I am so excited for Elsie and her team that you have selected Miracle Kids as your charity of choice! They do amazing work.

    2. Pauline Till on

      Awesome Prize, Great Initiative!
      Cape Dachshund Rescue are close to my heart! They are new to the MySchool program so need the support.

    3. Taryn on

      Elsie sounds incredible, you’ve gotten me in tears with this post, I’m adding Miracle Kidz to my card too.. I have been supporting African Tails for a long time, love their work and how they help with mass sterilisation and reigning xx

    4. Veda Pretorius on

      It is awesome to hear about Elsie. We need more mothers like that in this world. I support Hagar’s Choice, a small organisation that foster babies while they wait for their forever homes. Nearly all of the babies have been abused or neglected, and they lavish love and attention on them, nourishing them back to health.

    5. Virginia Garnham on

      Gosh – I have been using my card for so long, I can’t even remember who my nominated charity was!! It is so easy to do – we all go shopping – everyone should have a card – grannies, grandpas, aunts, uncles, moms and dads!!

    6. Zahraa Minty on

      Well done Elsie I would like to vote for her and her team at Miracle Kidz too. I have a MySchoolCard that is sending my “points into a an outreach program in the rural areas in Mpumalanga, they focus on households where children are without parents. Every bit counts as far as Charity, love and peace is concerned. The World needs all the love it can get. #MySchool20

    7. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Awesome concept – my charity is the Endangered Wildlife Trust – they do such sterling work in protecting the wildlife that hasn’t been poached yet – the numbers diminish on a daily basis! When my Granddaughters were small I nominated Rosehill Nursery School in Johannesburg

    8. Lindie on

      The NSPCA for helping those who can’t ask for help.

    9. Sharleen on

      Elsie sounds amazing. I need to add them soonest.
      I support the My Planet Rhino fund to help save our rhino’s.

    10. Priscilla Boscombe on


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