• Hello lovelies! Did you know that it’s Arbour Day this Friday, 1 September? It’s the day we celebrate the beauty of trees (arbor means ‘tree’ in Latin) and all they bring us – from oxygen to a home for birds and squirrels, shade, beauty and of course food! To celebrate this very special day on the gardening calendar (and Arbour Week in general ) Stodels, the biggest garden centre group in the Cape have loads of brilliant specials on:

    • They’re offering 30% off 10 000 plants (50 varieties in total) until 3 Sep

    • They have a Buy-1-Tree-Get-1-Free special on until 3 Sep

    • They have a Buy a R17 bag of dm compost and get a FREE tree special – on 1 September

    All in all – if you’re in anyway in the market for plants, herbs, veggies, shrubs, trees… well you know where to go.

    As part of their Arbour Day and Arbour Week specials, Stodels asked me to share what indoor trees i would pick for my space and they also wanted to offer one of you a voucher for R500 (see the giveaway details below). I jumped at the opportunity obviously, especially since our home is crying for some greenery and specifically a tree or two. I popped into Stodels and spent some time soaking up the beautiful green and then set to work.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 5.20.58 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 5.21.45 PM

     I learned some interesting indoor tree titbits: 

    • Most indoor trees thrive in a space that varies between 15 and 23 degrees celsius – it’s a good idea to ask the nursery assistant whether the tree you have in mind needs a warmer space to be happy

    • Low pieces of furniture like couches look great with trees that have skinny trunks and foliage on top (like some of the Ficus family) – larger pieces of furniture could do with more imposing trees.

    • An awkward space can be transformed by a tree – one with sculptural leaves (Delicious Monster or Fiddle Leaf Fig) or one with leaves that spray out more – like a Fern.

    • Indoor Trees need moderate water – this is GREAT news for the Western Cape because of the drought. We collect our shower water to water our indoor plants and veggies and i’ll be adding our two new trees to the water queue. Luckily they won’t need to be watered too frequently (once a week in warmer weather and once every ten days in cooler weather). I’ve taken a cautious route with our new fern and placed it in the bathroom where i know it will get moisture.

    • Did you know that yellow leaves indicate over watering? So in the name of saving your tree and saving water – go easy on the water lovelies – using a natural mulch like used rooibos leaves from your tea on your indoor trees can help slow down moisture loss and it keeps bugs away too.

    • Most indoor trees don’t like direct sunlight – a spot that gets some sunlight during the day is fine. Good news if yours is a space that isn’t drenched in sunlight. I’ve found that my Fiddle Leaf Fig doesn’t like direct sunlight at all.

    Here are my two tree buys…


    This is Ficus Benjamina – it’s a really popular Ficus variety and is a hardy little tree. I love it – and think it looks so cool in the belly basket too. Ficus trees also look great in a room corner – you’d just need a bigger one to create a focal point.


    You may have spotted the Bamboo Palm in my previous post – i knew my bathroom needed something and when i saw the Palm, i was sold! It’s a whimsical touch to a space that’s mostly monochromatic and of course that pop of green is great!

    My brief was to shop for trees but once i’d done that i couldn’t help myself.


    This is a Fittonia and isn’t the pot fab too?


    Aside from all their amazing specials, Stodels also has a Buy-1-Cyclamen-Get-1-Free special. They come in the most fabulous bright colours, love them!


    That’s me getting up close and personal with a Natal Mahogany – what a beautiful specimen (the tree that is 😉

    Want to WIN a R500 Stodels voucher?

    • Tell me what tree or plants you’d like to plant this Arbour Day?

    • Share this on Social Media and don’t forget to use the tag #stodelsarbourday2017

    *Giveaway open to SA residents only and ends on September 4th
  • 45 Comments to “Celebrate Arbour Day & WIN with Stodels!”

    1. Abigail Moodley on

      I wild love a few Cyclamen to bring some color in our home

    2. Diana on

      The Natal Mahogany is a beaut! Wouldn’t mind one of those…

    3. Adriana Prins on

      i have been nursing a avocado tree in the making from an avocado pip i sprouted. Would be great to see it grow and produce loads of great avos to eat 🙂
      The voucher i would love to gift to my mom – the one with the actual green fingers

    4. Jasmine on

      Oh my word love shopping at Stodels. I would do anything from little succulents to more herbs and my new challenge…avo tree!

    5. Carolyn Augustus on

      Bamboo Palm

    6. Kirsty Robinson on

      I’d love to plant a curry leaf tree for adding extra flavour to my curries

    7. Rushdia omar on

      Something that’s easy and needs little attention and water. I’m a big fan of spek boom. So I will plant another one outside

    8. Riétte on

      A Lemon Tree or a Ficus Benjamina

    9. Sonja on

      I would love to plant my own lemon tree. Then I can just pick my own to use. Would that not be great.

    10. Chantelle heydenrych on

      Definately a ponytail palm tree. My garden has lots of tropical plants. Such a slow growing tree but once it gets size it is so worth it!

    11. Vicki Atkinson on

      A palm tree so I can feel like I’m on holiday

    12. Karis on

      The African flam tree

    13. Jenny sturrock on

      I would LOVE a fig leaf tree ❤️

    14. laura pitman on

      SPEKBOOM! a waterwise option, i want that!!!

    15. Colleen Brand on

      I would love to plant a yellow eood tree

    16. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Would love to plant a lemon tree which would provide me with fresh lemons (I use copious amounts of lemons – they are ideal for cleaning
      microwaves etc) There is nothing as refreshing as a lemon drink or water with a slice of lemon in it. My all time favorite is lemon meringue pie.
      Holding thumbs!

    17. Charmaine (kavuki Staffords ) on

      i would love to plant a lemon tree

    18. Mischa Ruby Fisher on

      Hello! Thank you for running this competition.

      I’ve been wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig for my little apartment in the city for some time now. I would definitely use the voucher to invest in one of those

    19. Di on

      A friend whose property adjoins the Liesbeek River is wanting to plant indigenous trees on a bare patch of land alongside the river. So he would love a R500 Stodels voucher!

    20. Gina on

      A fiddle leaf fig 🙂

    21. Sarah Bell on

      A majestic yellowwood tree!

    22. Angie Hausner on

      I’ve already visited Stodela twice this week… tomorrow will make that three! Love it! I am seriously debating buying either a Carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) – hello chocolate! Or an Almond tree (Prunus dulcis) – have you seen those blossoms??? I really want to create a garden that is beautiful, functional and edible 🙂

    23. Carryn P on

      I would love to plant a lemon tree 🙂

    24. Chloe Buckland on

      A lime tree (to go with gin and tonics!)

    25. Tracey du Plessis on

      I’d love some more indoor plants to add abut of nature into our living space just love the bamboo palm & ficus Benjamin trees. #stodelsarbourday2017

    26. Terri on

      I would LOVE the Ficus Benjamina in my bedroom or lounge! I literally only have ONE indoor plant (and it fits on the dining room table – so definitely not a tree).
      If I could choose a TREE TO PLANT this Abor day, it would be a macadamia nut tree.. they grow well in KZN and I’m nuts about nuts!

    27. Ingrid Fortuin on

      I would luuuuuvvvv a lemon tree or two or three 🙂

    28. Anita on

      I want to buy clivias for the shady spot under our oak tree. They are so beautiful this time of the year when they start flowering!

    29. Shaheeda loofer on

      I would love to plant a lemon tree as well as a magnolia tree..They are my absolute favouritesatisfaction.

    30. Jane Paterson on

      I would love to plant some almond, olive and pecan nut trees in my garden. #stodelsarbourday2017

    31. Inshaaf Amos on

      The Bamboo Palm is a must plant! I love them, they remind me of an old tv show called Miami Vice Did I just reveal my age #stodelsarbourday2017

    32. Michelle Rademan on

      I really want to plant something that will give back… so I am thinking of a lemon and a lime tree!

    33. Anne on

      I need to plant some Avo trees – my avo addiction is bankrupting me!

    34. anneeda on

      Potted bamboo palms bring color and warmth to any room in the house. There are many tropical delights to choose from, but most need bright indirect light in order to thrive. I would love to plant a bamboo palm outside the house and have one indoors. They are so beautiful! #stodelsarbourday2017

    35. Ben Monteverdi on

      Will love to plant a Quiver tree (Aloe dichotoma Masson)

    36. ZaidaVS on

      I would love an old-school giant delicious monster, already have the basket it would stand in

    37. rehana seedat on

      A majestic yellowwood tree!

    38. Valerie anderson on

      I’m ready to plant a lemon or lime tree – need to get ready for summer cocktails!

    39. lisa on

      I would like to plant another jasmine bush … my absolute favourite, such simplicity in its beauty with smells from my childhood and an olive tree … just to remind me each day that there’s nothing more beautiful than a tree of peace and to ‘chill’ with the world xxx

    40. Daniela Cardoso on

      I would love to get a lemon tree or our garden

    41. Cathy Badenhorst on

      an Olive tree…love them

    42. Laurette on

      A Bay Leaf tree – will add such great flavour to my curries and babotie.

    43. Jacci Hall on

      A lemon tree. I love hot water with ginger and lemon first thing in the morning, and what better than with a lemon from your own tree.

    44. Sonja McKaiser on

      Delicious monster is my absolute favourite, so I would buy one more, as well as some spekboom plants

    45. Lalannie on

      Fiddle fig tree please!

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