• Hello lovelies! I hope the week has been good to you so far! One of the things that’s on my must-do-better list this week is to focus on the girls’ nutrition – i’m not one of those Moms who won’t let their kids have Flings and i do believe in the power of cake but in our house things can get a bit skewed, especially over the weekend when i’m not always mother of the year on the feeding front. With that in mind, we baked a batch of delicious and nutritious rooibos tea-infused muffins for the girls’ lunch boxes and for afternoon and post-ballet snack attacks.

    The muffins come care of Laager Tea4Kidz who have just launched their new Peach & Apricot flavour children’s tea. It’s utterly delicious and i’ve been making batches to cool in the fridge for those hangry moments that hit our girls. I tend to forget that meltdowns are often due to thirst as well as hunger and since rooibos is so full of antioxidants and nutrients, i know it’s a great solution for those hairy parenting moments. The muffin recipe below used cooled Peach & Apricot Laager Tea4Kidz Rooibos Tea to bring a delicate fruity flavour to things – i would imagine it would be really tasty in ice cream or cake icing too – i’m looking forward to trying that! Find the recipe below PLUS news of a giveaway hamper at the bottom of the post – if you’re in the market for some cute gym essentials PLUS a tea hamper then enter away!



    150ml Lukewarm  Laager Tea4Kidz Peach & Apricot tea

    120 g dried apricots, roughly chopped

    125 g cake flour

    1/2 tsp salt

    2 tsp baking powder

    125 g oat bran

    2 Tbsp apricot jam

    2 Tbsp butter

    1 extra-large free range egg

    Optional: 150g mixed nuts, chopped


    Preheat oven to 190°C

    Soak the apricots in warm rooibos tea and allow to cool

    Sift cake flour, baking powder, sugar and salt together then add oat bran

    Melt the butter and apricot jam together, cool then mix in the egg

    Add rooibos and apricot mixture

    Mix the batter & combine with the dry ingredients

    Now spoon into greased muffin pan and bake for 20 minutes

    WHAT YOU CAN WIN FROLaager Tea4Kidz

    The R800 hamper includes

    • 2 Gym Bottles

    • 2 Bobums Microfibre Gym towels – these are so useful and are perfect for kids’ swimming bags too

    • 1 Microfibre hand towel for gym

    • Woolies biscuits

    • A delicious candle

    • The new Peach & Apricot Laager Tea4Kidz teas


    • Like Laager Rooibos on FB or like the giveaway post on my Instagram

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    • Leave me a message below say where you’ve entered (i’ll be checking 😉

    The giveaway closes 5 August and is open to SA residents only

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