• Hello possums. While Vicki is busy with her epic move I’ve been looking for some Easter inspiration for you. We always get invited to our besties for the loveliest morning of hunting for sweets and chocolates in their garden. My kids look forward to it every year (obvs). Much more exciting than matzah and chicken soup! Once all the chocolates and sweets have been found, the hunter-gatherers all sit in a circle, pile their loot into the middle and one of us moms dishes them out so that there’s a fair distribution of tooth-decaying delights. But what about making a few take-home crafts and favours to make the day really memorable. I love these ideas…

    Adore this customised bunny tote bag by Pattern Pile. Give one to each child to collect their sweets and let them use them afterwards for school, outings or hanging on the back of a door on display. Many craft shops should have plain tote bags. Merrypak have drawstring cotton bags if you can’t find anything else. Just sew on some ears in the fabric of your choice (even old t-shirts), make a pom-pom nose (see how-to below), use fabric markers to draw on features and voila. If you have a sewing machine, tote bags are easy enough to whip out.

    PicMonkey Collage-443

    Find bits and bobs like beads, buttons, small faux flowers as well as fabric offcuts, then scour junk shops and flea markets for miniature bunny figurines. Once you have your materials, get hold of a few old-fashioned tins of mints (most pharmacies, Spars and bigger supermarkets stock them), decant the sweets inside and create tiny dioramas inspired by these: the first is by Little Burrow Designs and the one beneath it is an adorable patchwork and embroidered bunny.

    PicMonkey Collage-444

    PicMonkey Collage-445

    These aren’t new but they’re still so fab to make and even more fun to give as gifts. Go to places like Mambo’s plastics, the toy shop or Chinese stores and get hold of bunny figurines. Spray paint, adhere to lids and fill with sweets. There are loads of DIYs on Pinterest

    PicMonkey Collage-446

    Make giant fluorescent pom-poms using this easy DIY from The Craft Train. Then get hold of those giant punk-style safety pins (do they even exist anymore? I had so many in the 80s) and dish out as bunny tails to pin onto little bums (their clothing, obviously!).

    PicMonkey Collage-447

    I love this canvas bag but I would adapt and transplant the idea onto a t-shirt using fabric markers and pom-poms. Draw a bunny figure on the front of the tee, then its mirror on the back. Don’t forget a little pom-pom as the final flourish. Head to PnP Clothing for their well-priced plain white long or short sleeve tees. What a cute gift. PicMonkey Collage-448

    This pom-pom bunny tail bunting by Bombshell Bling is really cheerful. String some up to make the day feel like a party.

    PicMonkey Collage-449

    I love that this Easter bunny in a matchbox by A Beautiful Mess is sort of quirky rather than sweet. If you can’t get hold of fluffy fabric, then felt is perfect. Or even fabric pieces or old t-shirts you might have lying around,

    PicMonkey Collage-450

    This Bunny chalk from the A Bubbly Life blog is pretty easy to make with store-bought ingredients (you’ll have to head to the hardware or craft store for Plaster Of Paris). Yuppiechef have Easter silicone moulds. Also see Takealot for cute moulds.

    PicMonkey Collage-451

    Oh stop it. How cute are these fruity eggs by Brit + Co?

    PicMonkey Collage-452

    You like? Any that you’re keen to try? I’m definitely trying the t-shirt idea. And the bunny dioramas.

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