• I love how the net can connect people and i love how I Want That has brought me into contact with so many people i would never have met otherwise, from lovely, supportive readers to designers and suppliers of fabulous things to covet.

    A few weeks ago i received an email from Jenny all the way from Edinburgh. She had spotted a post i’d written on pouffes a while back and wanted to know if i had seen the pouffes her company and online shop Bohemia supplies to design savvy shoppers all over the world and whether i thought an ad presence on I Want That would work to reach South African consumers.

    Love the blue patterned pouffes so much and loving the leather too.

    I checked out Jenny’s site and saw loads of things i loved, from clothes for adults and kids, accessories galore and divine gifts  (stationery sl*ts, check out the prices on Bohemia’s Cavallini stock here – serious swoon) including them delicious pouffes. And then i worked it out – i have been into Bohemia in Edinburgh!! I was there last year visiting a very dear friend who insisted we pop into her favourite shop before i went to the airport!! I bought a few rubber stamps, the cutest badge that says ‘gorgeous’ on it and some other i cant live withouts!

    That’s why i love the net…connect, connect, connect.

    Aren't these metallic numbers amazing? Love them!

    So here’s the deal with Bohemia’s pouffes – they start at around R720 (the price in rands changes daily with the exchange rate and is reflected on the site – it’s down to R716 today) and with postage at around the R150 mark you’re looking at less than R1000 for a handmade Moroccan leather pouffe where you’d usually pay around R1600 in South Africa…can you say B. Argain?

    This is also why i love doing what i do…sharing secret shopping gems with lovely people…happy day!

  • 4 Comments to “Power Pouffes”

    1. Paula on

      LOVE the turquoise one and the blue and white one, so pretty, thanks V x

    2. fable fairy on

      i want that bottom left blue and white!

    3. Janine Binneman on

      No that one is mine!!!!!
      Please can I have one for Xmas????

    4. lou on

      oh shit. i remembered those to be darn expensive but now at Bohemia they’re not… the turquoise one is the best! wanna have!!

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