• My apologies for not posting yesterday…the Internet was down on my side of the mountain and instead of pressing redial to the techno gods and obsessing about when it was going to go back up i went out and completed my errand list that has been growing…you know…take things to the tailor for repair, drop off a camera to be fixed…blah, blah riveting stuff i tells ya…

    Anyhoo (here comes the point of the post)…i popped into the post office to send off some mail and i spotted these guys…


    Now i know i’m being a bit of an anorak oohing and ahing over steam engines and stamps of Constitution Hill…but i bet that there is someone out there (someone, anyone…anyone…?) who would lurve these…a trainspotter or a history buff perhaps?

    Not? Ok, well then, I may be alone in this one but i think these are great and i know my Dad would have loved, loved, loved it if i had given him these framed in a simple little box frame to put on his office wall…PLUS they only cost 24 South African Ront for a set- how cool is that?

  • 2 Comments to “More Stamps”

    1. Suzie on

      LOVE! And I have subscribed to receive your updates via email now darling, so will never miss a post, pardon the pun

    2. Juliet, Editor Adorn London on

      dito babes….love stamps too 😉 as this week shows xx

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