• This morning’s post is about making small changes to your space without blowing your budget – whether it’s a lick of paint, a vinyl sticker or two, a doable DIY project or using wallpaper to make a difference.


    Tip 1

    Hit your local junk shop or raid your parent’s cupboards in search for something that’s gaudy-beautiful. Maybe it needs a lick of paint or maybe it’s already a beautiful colour (like this so-hideous-its-fabulous fish vase) and give it pride of place in your home. A talking point and visual focus.


    Tip 2

    A pop of unexpected colour can transform a space. Renting an apartment and loathe to make too much of a change to things? Paint the back of your front door and enjoy the shot of colour every time you close the door behind you.


    Tip 3

    Make something out of nothing. How cool is this shelf unit made entirely out of crates? I absolutely love it. If you’re worried about a wall of crates toppling over – secure them to each other using cable ties. And for an even slicker look, paint them a uniform colour.


    Tip 4

    Make tiles and wallpaper your friends. You don’t need to blow your budget on decorative tiles or fancy wallpaper – just a splashback or papered corner wall can make a huge difference. decoracao-apartamento-vintage-historiasdecasa-03

    Tip 5

    Curate your memories. The good old gallery wall is such a great way to show off your interests and personality.


    Tip 6

    Floating shelves are inexpensive, are super practical and can be an opportunity to bring pretty into your home.


    Tip 7

    Think of cheaper alternatives. Can’t afford to paper an entire wall? Order a series of vinyl stickers and ‘paper’ your wall with them – aren’t these triangles great? This bed is also placed on a platform made using cheap and cheerful wood palettes – clever!

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  • 3 Comments to “Low Budget Loveliness”

    1. lameez on

      Thank u for all the tips on Low Budget Lovliness 😀

    2. Farren on

      Fabulous tips Vicky – especially love the painted door idea! 🙂

    3. RedCat on

      Ha, been telling my other half that we should paint our front door yellow for AGES!

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