• Are you an innovative brand, shop, service, product or concept?

    Part of why I love this blog so much is because i get to share news about wonderful brands making waves in South Africa –  some are seriously niche, some are  bigger but all have a desire to connect with their would-be customers.

    And it’s working!

    Brands that advertise on I Want That benefit from being exposed to a growing group of thousands of enthusiastic and savvy consumers.

    Blog Advertising Truths
    I am striving for integrity on this here little blog (which is growing in numbers by 15%- 20% per month), this means:

    • Ill potentially blog about you because there is a synergy between what you’re doing and what i love doing (and that’s sharing innovative and exciting ideas, products, places, shops, people and concepts)

    • I won’t be regurgitating press releases, so it may take a little while for me to get your brand’s info onto my site as i need to check it out first

    • I love offering giveaways but i try to limit these to once a week

    Contact Me
    Interested in speaking to a loyal, savvy audience?

    Then why not mail me for my rates? And don’t worry if you don’t have a pre-designed ad – I can design one for you that reflects your brand perfectly!

    Psssst…have you seen The List, my absolutely affordable, carefully curated directory of the best brands, products, and places you need to know about?

    It’s another great way to meet my readers and to ensure your name is getting out there

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