• A dear friend of mine got married in Plettenberg Bay recently, and her wedding photos were gasp-worthy – absolutely stunning, and so natural and full of love. She raved about her photographer, Alfred Lor, and said he was an absolute delight to have around on the day. He has a beautiful attention to detail, and really manages to catch those magical moments between couples.

    Of course, as soon as I heard that I got in touch with Alfred immediately and asked him to share some of his words of wisdom with us… Here’s what he had to say.

    1. What do you offer to those planning their weddings???
    I offer a competitive rate, a great work ethic and guidance in timing and locations to help you get the best out of your venue and light. Most importantly though, I offer a unique visual language and aesthetic as well as a polite, friendly personality that you and your guests are going to enjoy having around on your special day.

    ???2. What makes Alfred Lor Photography different?
    Each and every photographer is unique in the way he or she interprets a scene, so I would have to say that what makes my photography different is my personal aesthetic approach – plainly put, the way I see things and interpret the scenes unfolding on your wedding day. I also have a lot of experience and current involvement in other aspects of photography, which shows in my work. Shooting reportage editorials and portraiture for various magazines as well as commercial work for a number of big brands keeps me ‘in the loop’ creatively and exposed to the current creative climate.

    3. Why did you choose to focus on weddings????
    I have to say that my focus is not 100% on wedding photography – I also shoot for various publications and commercial clients. My move into wedding photography coincided with our move as a family from Cape Town to the Garden Route. I started taking bookings for weddings as a way to do more work in my area. I found the first few wedding shoots tough, but soon found my rhythm and now get a real kick out of my wedding work, primarily because of the creative opportunities available when shooting weddings that you don’t often get when shooting commercial work.

    4. What advice do you have for brides who are planning their weddings??
    1.    Decide from the beginning whether you are a ‘photos or bust’, or a ‘photos would be nice’ kind of bride. If you want your day documented in detail you have to accept that your photographer is going to be around pretty much all the time. Communicate with your photographer if there is a part of the day when privacy is more important than photography.
    2.    Have a good look at photographer portfolios before making a booking. Pick the photographer whose images speak to you emotionally. Don’t expect one photographer to shoot in the style of another.
    3.    Try to keep your photographer and photos in mind when choosing locations for your wedding day. For instance: avoid having your hair and make up done in a dark or unlovely salon.
    4.    Find out what time the sun will set on your wedding day – and try to arrange your day’s schedule so that you spend the hour before sunset having your bride and groom portraits done if soft golden light is what you’re after for your portraits.

    5. My favorite part of a wedding is… ???shooting the bride and groom portraits – it’s the first time they get to spend some time together, alone, after a hectic day and I get to witness and capture those first few moments of bliss…

    ??6. I love weddings because…???Weddings are about love, and it’s love that sets us free.

    7. My number one tip for wedding photography is…??? Be at the right spot, at the right time.

    ??8. My favorite wedding trend with photography is… ???I don’t know if this is a confirmed trend, but I kinda like the quirky almost grungy style I have seen surfacing recently.

    If you’re lucky enough to be getting married somewhere along the Garden Route, give Alfred Lor a call! I know I would…

    Until next time!

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