• Durban brides, you are in for a treat! Kimberley Lomas has gathered together all kinds of amazing vintage decor items to create Natural Nostalgia, a wedding decor and organising company that will turn your dream day into a reality… I am so jealous I didn’t have access to all these treasures for my wedding! Here’s what Kimberley has to say:

    1. What do you offer to those planning their weddings? 
    Out-of-the-box ideas and creative design for weddings. We do it all: Planning, Decor, Event Design and Flowers. We closely follow industry trends and reproduce these with individuality and originality. If there is a theme, colour, or element of the couples personality they wish to express, we help with this creative journey from idea generation through to costing, quotes, budgets, follow-up and final on-the-day implementation. We assist with the overall organisation of the wedding planning process and help remove the stress and burden of dealing with an abundance of unknown suppliers. With an eye for detail and a love of all things beautiful, romantic and real, we believe that it’s the finer details and special touches that really make a statement!

    2. What makes Natural Nostalgia different??
    Natural Nostalgia strives to create weddings that are different, original and quirky. We try to fill the gap where other wedding planners and decor suppliers fall short – sourcing items through a wide means and where necessary creating items from scratch. After seeing a lack of vintage decor available in the KZN area, we expanded our own personal collection and created vintage decor available for rent for weddings and functions. We love the whimsical romance and original feeling that vintage decor can create – gently rocking us back in time – reminding us of a time of simplicity when items were made to last and with love, care and effort. These are the exact elements we try to replicate in our weddings.

    ??3. Why did you choose to focus on weddings??
    I have a fondness for weddings and what they represent. Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, joy, commitment and hope – and I love being able to be a part of this. It is a celebration that requires creativity and excellent planning and organisation skills… That’s where I can help!

    4. What advice do you have for brides who are planning their weddings??
    Spend the time planning your theme – gathering together your favourite ideas and inspirations. Find a special way to ‘speak’ your message as a couple on your big day. Don’t worry too much about any rules you may hear of – take advantage of the beauty of nature and the current trend for rustic and vintage themed weddings which allow for simple yet elegant weddings in outdoor settings. Also if you enjoy crafting, take advantage of DIY ideas and assistance available on the internet (or find a close friend who is willing to help in exchange for an abundance of chocolate!)
    Most importantly have someone available to help with the days leading up to and after the wedding for set up, packing up and deliveries. Also someone on-the-day who you trust that can make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

    ?5. My favourite part of a wedding is…??

    When the guests throw confetti – whether it be petals, bird seed or lavendar buds. I just love the cheering, arms in air celebratory atmosphere and emotion of this moment.

    6. I love weddings because…??

    I just love weddings and all they encompass and entail. The wedding day is possibly the most important event on a couple’s journey together. It is the start of all good things to come and is a blank canvas waiting to be painted! It is above all a celebration – and should be a fun, enjoyable and stress-free day for all who attend.

    7. My number one tip for wedding decor is…? ?

    Have fun with your wedding decor – it’s the one element that can portray your personalities, ideas and dreams across to your guests. It can be unconventional, rustic, classic or minimalist – whatever suits your unique theme.

    8. My favourite wedding trend with decor is…? ?

    The return to natural roots where decor can be mismatched and contrasting yet simple and in balance.  The use of a variety of flora – from wild loose floral arrangements which include hints of succulents, mosses, grasses, cacti, bark, fruit and more. I love the use of natural bare tables, shabby-chic furniture, outdoor ceremonies and mismatched centre pieces. It is elegance obtained through simplicity, harnessing the best mother nature has to offer, and creating relaxed yet beautiful celebrations.

    If you’re looking for a relaxed but beautiful celebration, check out Natural Nostalgia… What a treat!

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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