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    If you’re a Durban bride looking for someone to take all the hassle and stress out of your wedding day, might I suggest Clementine? The lovely Kristin van Lelyveld has all the decor items you might need to make your special day look timeless, as well as all kinds of other helpful services all brides need someone else to worry about! I chatted to her to get somee great tips on event decor here…

    1.     What do you offer to those planning their weddings? 

    We offer a wide range of exquisite décor items that can be hired out in addition to other fantastic services: transport, setup, flowers and on-the-day co-ordination. Clients can choose how little or how much they want from us – whether it is just a few items to hire out or whether they want us to go the whole Full Monty!

    2.     What makes Clementine Event Decor different?

    Shoo – so many things! Attention to detail, different stock from other suppliers, a personalised service, to name but a few…

    3. Why did you choose to focus on weddings?

    Weddings are so personal and intimate and I love decorating for weddings because it means so much to the client. It also means that what I put together gets immortalised in that couple’s day forever, which is why I am very pedantic about making sure the décor is timeless so that when a couple looks back they don’t cringe, but rather revel in how beautiful everything looked.

    4. What advice do you have for brides who are planning their weddings?

    Don’t sweat the small stuff. It may be your wedding day, but it is only one day long (generally) and spending too much time agonising over the details will only drive you mad. Rather choose suppliers that share your vision and then let them get on with it so that you can relax and enjoy your engagement.

    5. My favourite part of a wedding is…?

    The vows! It gets me every time – even if they are the stock standard verses, it’s more the look in the bride and groom’s faces that makes me cry like a baby.

    6. I love weddings because…?

    They are always a celebration of what is important in life – love, happiness, friends and family. Plus there’s always a good party afterwards!

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    7. My number one tip for wedding decor is…?

    Recreating your dream wedding from a photo never pans out exactly. Rather use photos to give your wedding decorator an idea of the colours, theme or style you want your wedding to look like.

    8. My favourite wedding trend with decor is…

    Keeping it simple! Less is more these days. You don’t need a million objects on a table to make it look good. Rather use fewer items and mix them up in terms of size, texture, height, pattern or colour. I am also obsessed with long banqueting tables – there is something about them that makes a wedding look like a feast fit for a king!

    There you have it! If you’re looking for decor fit for a king, give Clementine a call.

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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