• If you’re looking for caterers who will not only create food that perfectly suits the mood of your wedding, but also become your NBFs (New Best Friends), look no further than husband-wife team Judd and Jeannie Campbell from The Corner Cafe in Durban.

    These lovely folks are all about making food that makes your heart sing, and perfectly encapsulates what you and your fiance love to eat. And they’re such good company that you’ll have a wonderful time doing all the planning and plotting (and tasting!)

    Here’s what they have to say about wedding catering Do’s and Don’ts:

    1. What do you offer to those planning their weddings?
    We offer every bridal couple an individual and original menu and food design, while also keeping in mind the carbon footprint of the event. We like to work with the bride closer to the day to take advantage of what is best and freshest in that season while helping to keep to their tastes and theme.

    2. What makes your food different??
    We’re a little funky, unique, a bit vintagey and homespun at times, but we keep it sleek with sophisticated styling and keen trend presentation.

    3. Why is your food well suited to weddings??
    Every bridal couple strives to have a different wedding, a wedding that will set them apart from the others. Our unique food allows them to express their style all the way through to their palates.

    4. What advice do you have for brides who are planning their weddings?
    Create a moodboard –  they’re a great way to help everyone see the big picture… And then delegate!

    5. Our favourite part of a wedding is…?
    When the bridal couple have that rare stolen moment! A little glimpse from across the crowded room that says, “We’ve done it, I love you.”

    6. We love weddings because…?

    Do we need a reason? The love of two couples + gorgeous dress + fanciful flowers + great food + family & friends + champagne and laughter = wedding bliss!

    7. Our number one tip for wedding food is…?
    Eat what you enjoy! It’s your day!

    8. Our favourite wedding trend with food is…
    Food stations: the best one being ‘make your own midnight snack’ table.

    There you have it – quirky catering with a personal touch, from The Corner Cafe.

    Until next time!

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