• Fancy a destination wedding in the South of Mozambique? Who doesn’t?! I’ve found a fabulous company called The Love Bucket who specialise in these dream weddings, here’s what they have to say…

    1.      What do you offer to those planning their weddings?
    The Love Bucket offers a host of wedding related products and services, from wedding dresses and photo booths to handmade gifts and favours. Our most unique service is our Southern Mozambique Wedding Coordination Service.

    Our Southern Mozambique wedding services include (but are not limited to):
    •       Ceremony & Reception venues
    •       Photographers & Videographers
    •       Photobooths
    •       Save the Date Videos
    •       Hair & Make Up
    •       Legalities & Licensing (in RSA)
    •       Honeymoon Packages
    •       Wedding Favours
    •       Stationery
    •       Décor
    •       DJs
    •       Spa Packages
    •       Cake Alternatives
    It’s one stop shopping!

    2. What makes The Love Bucket different??

    There are many couples who think about having a destination wedding, but they are not aware that it is possible, or they have preconceived ideas about the supposed costs involved. The Love Bucket offers a unique one stop service provider shop that will assist in making your Southern Mozambique wedding stress free! The Love Bucket works with the couple every step of the way, we have a great network of service providers and products and can ensure that couples wanting a destination wedding can do so easily and affordably. We don’t like to think of ourselves as wedding planners, more along the lines of Wedding Fairy Godmothers. We are always trying to expand our services, so we work with the couples trying to source solutions to their vision. Because there are limited facilities available in Mozambique, The Love Bucket offers a host of alternatives to traditional products. For example there is no florist in the area so The Love Bucket has introduced a range of handmade Bling Bouquets. Our range of Named Enamel Mugs are favours for guests, they totally suit the Mozambique vibe and are great for those R&Rs.

    3. Why did you choose to focus on weddings??

    When planning our wedding in Mozambique, I quickly realised how limited the facilities and services were for couples who wanted to get married in Moz. I stumbled around in the dark for months trying to find venues, caterers, photographers etc. It was so hard to find or communicate with service providers in the area. I soon got the idea to start a small wedding coordination service for couples wanting to get married in Southern Mozambique. I was working full time and this started out as more of a hobby, but a few weeks before our wedding I found out that I was being retrenched from my very corporate job. I guess you could say I was somewhat relieved as I was finally forced to re-evaluate! Having worked in Marketing and Events for around 7 years I felt that I was ready to take on the challenge of starting my own business.

    ?4. What advice do you have for brides who are planning their weddings??
    If you are thinking of having a destination wedding… Go for it! You won’t regret it! Just make sure you plan properly. You don’t want to turn into a glorified travel agent and coordinate travel plans for such a large group, so give your guests enough information to help them make their own travel plans.
    If you have a mom or sister, let them help and share in the planning of your big day. I grew much closer to my two special ladies during the planning stages of our wedding.
    Pick a photographer you feel comfortable with. It really helps to do a pre-wedding shoot, you not only get to meet and know the photographers better but it also gives you a chance to practice for the big day.
    Enjoy the whole experience of wedding planning! Remember at the end of the day it is your wedding and no one will notice what doesn’t go exactly to plan. Relax and enjoy it!

    5. My favourite part of a destination wedding is…

    The way the two families and their friends get to know each other in such a relaxed and easy environment. A marriage is more than just a wedding and by having your friends and family travel to a remote location together, they get to bond and get to know each other. It also allows your wedding memory to be cherished not just as a one night occasion but a full long weekend of fun and laughter.

    ?6. I love weddings because…
    They celebrate love, trust and commitment. And at The Love Bucket we believe that all you need is love. We love making wedding dreams come true and witnessing how precious the gift of love really is!

    7. My number one tip for destination weddings is…?

    Planning is the most important part of having a destination wedding. Have a wedding website with all the info you need your guests to know regarding their travel arrangements. Ensure you plan with your guests so that they know exactly what to expect.

    ?8. My favourite destination wedding trend is…
    The unique and ‘out the box’ alternatives that couples come up with due to limited facilities available in remote locations. We are loving the array of brooch bouquets we’ve seen on Pinterest, and in general we just love the variety of non-floral wedding alternatives available. There is no florist in Mozambique so couples will need to think of an alternative for not only bouquets but centrepieces, décor and corsages. There is a cool variety of DIY tutorials online offering various non-floral wedding alternatives.

    What do you think? Could you see yourself having a barefoot, blissed-out wedding in Mozambique? I think it sounds like heaven!

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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