• Calligraphy – the art of visual writing – has been around for thousands of years, has come back into fashion, and its moment in the spotlight is not dimming any time soon.

    What could be more personal than creating your own wedding monogram.

    The handwritten appeal is darling.  The many forms of swirls, curls and loops are playful, sophisticated, and naturally leap off the page.  What fascinates me most is how clever this art form is, and can be.  One can get so creative and the typographical possibilities are endless.  Whether you opt to go the calligraphy font route, or by hand, one thing’s for sure, this modern take has flair.

    Flowers and calligraphy? Yes, please.
    Handwritten with a nostalgic edge.
    Combining typography and illustration is clever.
    Artisnal with a touch of neon goes down well in the modern wedding world.
    Calligraphy, peach and mint is trendy in 2013.
    Watercolour. Calligraphy. Love.
    A vintage handkerchief invite. Unique and practical as guests can use on the day to wipe away tears of joy.

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