• Cupid shoots his arrow straight to the heart today with these lovelies.

    This picture perfect flower garland is perfect for celebrating that kiss.

    Valentine’s Day fever  is in the air, and if you’re in search of easy ideas to spoil and treat your loved one, look no further.  These uber-adorable ideas are also perfect for incorporating into your wedding or any special day (of the year) where you’d like to celebrate love, romance and commitment. Pink and red never looked so cute together.

    Customised biscuits are a fun and a flavour filled wedding favour too.
    Embroider a heart onto fabric. Can be hung up above your bed, or used as a backdrop for the guest book table.
    This cake topper can be used for any occasion celebrating love.
    Hang easy-peasy DIY paper heart garlands.
    Dress up your champers with a single flower bud of choice. Classy.
    This feather gets the stamp of approval.
    Lights + wood + heart shape = Oh, so romantic wedding backdrop.

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