• While floral arrangements are beautiful, the simplicity of organic fruits and vegetables as centerpieces is a sight to behold.  Combining flowers with clusters of fresh produce like oranges, tomatoes, berries, peaches, lemons, asparagus, or kale; all work to create a rustic look that’s exquisite.  Not only is it striking as decor, but can also serve as your wedding favour, where guests are encouraged to help themselves to the homegrown produce. Now that’s a tasty idea.


    Clusters of produce create a striking centerpiece.


    Asparagus flowers in mason jars line the aisle.


    Olive branches are becoming an increasingly popular choice in rustic-themed weddings



    This farm-inspired shoot creates edible accessories for both the bride and groom –

    Edible-decor-8 More fresh-fdrom-the-farm inspiration


    A three-tiered made of cheese cake adorned with grapes.


    The combination of kumquats with white flowers adds zest to the table.


    How about some fresh berries to munch on while the speeches are underway, or to add to your refreshing drink?


    Tomatoes used as centerpieces pick up on the colour theme

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