It’s time to plan the wedding and you’re stuck on whether to go with buffet or plated styled serving for the reception.  Have you considered throwing family style into the mix?  It’s all the rage.

    Family style receptions are less formal.

    Family style service is where the food is brought to each table in platters and serving dishes, and guests pass the food around and dish for themselves.  Sort of like how you would at a family dinner.  It’s also less formal and gives the wedding a personal feel.  The serving dishes remain on the table and are cleared once the platters are empty or needs refilling.

    Food is brought to the table in platters and everyone helps themselves. Cheers to that!
    Family style requires less decor on tables to make space for platters. Look to creating magic by hanging flowers or decor.
    This type of service works well for small and intimate affairs.
    Rustic, hearty and comfort foods work best with family style.
    Colour is brought to the table through the delicious food that is served.

    The great thing about family style service is that guests don’t have to stand in long lines waiting to get to the buffet; or run the risk of been served cold food while wait staff brings out your portioned or plated food.  Guests can dish what they want, and as much or as little as they choose.

    Looks magical and laid back.


    1. A well-executed family style affair requires wait staff that are conscientious and on the ball to ensure platters are always full and that no guest is left wanting.


    1. Family style service requires less décor on tables in order to accommodate the platters and serving dishes.  Bottles of wine and water with candles can be all you need to pretty up a table.
    Guests interact on a more personal level.

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