• Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!!

    Let’s take a minute to discuss pink and red.  When you combine the two colours, you’re setting a tone for a festive celebration and to fall head over heels in love.

    Gorgeous ombre floral centrepiece.

    Pink and red is romantic, bold, warm and playful. The two colours look amazing together and work with any shade composite. Add white, gold, silver or black to break the palette when deciding on décor for your wedding.  This hot combo will get your pulse racing and set your heart aflutter. Pink and red is love at first sight.

    Pink and red works with any shade composite.
    For the love of pink.
    Put on your heart suede shoes and say I do.
    A vintage red dress – could work for either bride or bridesmaid.
    A red check shirt, bow tie and Star Wars buckle will make your man happy.
    Mix and match your pinks and reds.
    Fun locations for photos that also works with your colour theme.

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