• These wedding dresses can only be described as pure artistry.  Krikor Jabotain, is a Lebanese designer, and the man responsible for these wearable art pieces.


    Closure, is Jabotain’s Fall/Winter 2013/14 collection.  Inspired by the movement, sculpture and final impact of a melody, this latest offering follows form and function.  Ruffles soften the daring structure and hemlines that can only be described as show stoppers.  Bold and beautiful, the cadence of these gowns simply takes your breath away.

    Krikor-Jabotain-2 Krikor-Jabotain-4 Krikor-Jabotain-5 Krikor-Jabotain-6 Krikor-Jabotain-3 Krikor-Jabotain-7 Krikor-Jabotain-8 Krikor-Jabotain-9 Krikor-Jabotain-10

    Pic credits:  Krikor Jabotian

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