• Hello lovelies (and brides-to-be specifically). Here’s something you autumn brides might find inspiring if you haven’t yet settled on your cake. We first reported on naked cakes three years ago when they burst onto the wedding scene in all their unstructured, bohemian, rustic, low-key glory and it’s a trend that seems to be enduring. The name says it all: these are cakes that, although pleasing to the eye, have an authentic hand-made and artisanal  feel, free of fussy fondant work, posh decorations and inches-thick layers of rich icing. They’re the foodie equivalent of the ‘undone’ hair-and-make-up look and make a wonderful and whimsical choice for bohemian brides.

    Fresh flowers, seasonal fruit, icing sugar and simple buttercream icing to hold the layers together are the basic building blocks of the naked cake, though how much detailing and edible decoration is really down to your personal likes. I think they’re oh so lovely and if I had to do it over again (I had cupcakes… it was the early 2000s okay guys, I was very on-trend) I would definitely go for a naked cake in a simple vanilla sponge, or maybe a lemon sponge, with buttercream icing, a dusting of icing sugar and tart fresh berries, though I’ve seen some pretty interesting flavour options like basil mascarpone buttercream chocolate cake, a tamarind date cake with buttercream and tamarind caramel icing, coconut, chocolate and vanilla with mascarpone icing, an ombre-effect red velvet cake, cranberry and orange vanilla cake, and lovely little individual naked cakes instead of the cupcake option. Not to get too philosophical about these things, but I like the idea that the wedding cake, symbolic perhaps of the couple’s life-to-be, is real, slightly wonky and messy, artfully deconstructed and more concerned with substance (quality ingredients and a focus on flavour) than presenting an ideal of perfection. I think they’re all the more beautiful and honest for possessing those qualities. Oh yes, I’m definitely team Naked Cake.

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  • 4 Comments to “The Naked Cake (It’s Still A Thing)”

    1. Samantha on

      Those are some very pretty looking cakes 🙂

    2. Janine on

      Oh my..I can feel the hips just looking at these DAMN FINE LOOKING specimens..oh wow..the chocolate ones..YUMMY!

    3. Zahraa Minty on

      I just love this trend, besides it was way overdue we were all tired of the thick plastic icing 😉

    4. Robyn on

      makes me want to get married again just for those cakes!!!!

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