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    With a surname like McCool, Seamus and Skye look set for a good life ahead of them. They were married at Muldersvlei Wine Estate and did ALL the DIY themselves – so impressive. The pix were taken by Dee During. Read about their big day below…


    Wedding-Photography-Muldersvlei-Skye-and-Seamus-0415 We met at a braai, on national braai day in 2008, my friend asked me to go with her to a braai, I really don’t want to go, but she practically dragged me out of bed. It was pretty much love at first sight as we hit it off instantly.

    For our wedding, we wanted something genuine, a fairly relaxed, fun and special day, with strong sentimental elements and a vintage eco-friendly feel.



    I wasn’t one of those brides that had secretly been planning my wedding since I was a child…I had no clue what I wanted.

    We wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible, aiming for local, organic, recycled, reusable and refurbished materials. We knew we were going DIY (as we always do) so that we could get maximum bang for our bucks, and thankfully we had a fair amount of time, being engaged for 14 months.

    Wedding-Photography-Muldersvlei-Skye-and-Seamus-0138 We started with picking a venue, which thankfully came with all the basics. Then we spent a lot of time scouring flea markets for decor, fiddling with designs and working steadily through a number of projects. My maid of honour, aunt and I sewed all the bunting (there was MASSES); I made like 50 or so hanging washi-tape jar lanterns. Once the laser cutters finished the one element of the invite we designed, we set about rubber stamping the details onto them, sticking them onto scrapbooking card, tying lace, origami folding the envelopes, hand writing and sealing all of them.


    After weeks of doing nothing on weekends but trawling through venues, we became fairly despondent and thought we’d never find the right fit. We visited Muldersvlei by chance, and not knowing anything about it we didn’t let ourselves fall in love straight away…which was hard, as it had the most beautiful oak trees, gardens forever, and all the rustic character and charm we could have wanted, not to mention an enticing menu, flexibility and a fantastic wedding package. As we were doing everything ourselves, the flexibility was really essential.The food was delicious home cooking, with a great deal of attention to detail and focus on local quality produce.




    We made our own wedding ceremony – not just our own vows, but the whole ceremony, which all six of our siblings, as well as close friends and all six parents took part in. We designed the groom and best man’s shirts, designed my dress, found a real vintage dress for the maid of honour (which she adjusted), designed and made the boutonnieres and corsages (which were wood) and spent a lot of time at Woolworths sorting out the outfits for all the boys in both families. I made the cake topper myself, all the table numbers and a whole bunch of signs, big and small, for all different things. Pretty much, you name it; we found it, made it or thought of it.

    Our ceremony included an adaptation of an ancient Celtic handfasting and was all shades of white or off-white to keep the focus on the surrounding environment


    Words of Wisdom

    For the perfect wedding, accept that something will always be imperfect. Either have time or money (if you’re lucky, both), I had time and so I made a lot of things myself/with a lot of help. It’s impossible to stay calm & happy the whole time during planning, know when to stop & smell the roses & when to have a wobbly…make sure you plan activities that help you prepare & provide a fun outing.

    We saved thousands of Rands by doing it ourselves and it made for an amazing bonding process for us all. Remember to take it all in, or you’ll wake up the next morning and realise it’s over and you don’t remember the details.

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