• I was lucky enough to attend Richard and Judy’s fabulous wedding late last year. It was held on Richard’s parents’ farm in the Natal Midlands and it was AMAZING! From start to finish it was a weekend so filled with love and laughter and it is so clear how much this wonderful pair is so loved – it was a privilege to witness them tying the knot. I’ll let Judy tell you all about her amazing wedding day herself.

    The beautiful photographs were taken by Dee During


    Rich and I have known each other since our university days. It’s funny, he was the guy I always said was the perfect guy to marry…..so imagine my surprise when not seeing each other for about eight years we ended up sitting next to each other at a dinner party he organized and he still was the most amazing guy.


    The one moment that plays back in my mind so often of the day, was the moment I entered the church and looked down the aisle past our family and friends…and saw Rich. Everything became so quiet (I couldn’t even hear any music) and it felt like it was just the two of us.


    I wanted a classic gown and veil, which I found at Eve’s Bridal in Cavendish. There was lots of lace, a long train and even longer veil. It’s the only time in your life you can do a veil and I loved it!


    Even though we live in Cape Town we didn’t want the classic winelands or beach wedding.  We wanted to get married somewhere that meant something special to us. We chose to have it on Richard’s folks farm in the Natal Midlands. The actual venue was a piece of land next to a small dam at the bottom of the farm.  At sunset the combination of the sunlight, the water and the gentle mist takes your breath away.


    It was really important to Rich and I that the 10 months leading up to the wedding was not taken over by wedding planning. We worked out a list of responsibilities and then once a month we would sit down and go through the list and see how far each other was on their list. 

    I also got group of girlfriends around for an Origami work shop with Keri Muller one Saturday that was so much fun. My mom found the white Proteas I wanted for the bouquets and another friend made props for the photobooth. It’s amazing how everyone wants to help in making your day a success.

    RJ8 RJ9 RJ10


    We decided not to have a theme, but rather work within a colour palette and ensure the few things we did do were elegant and simple. The canvas was white and then there were touches of blue and green that came through in the flowers, signage and décor.


    We wanted the day to be an extension of us and what is close to our heart– the “detail” had to be in the people and vibe, we wanted a day filled with laughter and love and our closest friends and family.

    RJ12 Words of Wisdom

    Every two hours Rich and I would sneak off and have a moment together and watch the wedding and just try and remember it – your day goes so fast, try and be present and enjoy every moment.

    Your wedding day is filled with so many emotions and moments that I tried not build up any expectations because then I could just love it for what it was and not worry about if the tables were set incorrectly or if it rained. I could just embrace the day and have a party

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