• Blogger at CityGirl Searching and pro photographer, Roxy Pearce’s Midlands wedding looked like a dream! I asked this newlywed for some advice for the soon-to-be-weds. Read below to see what she has to say. All the gorgeous pix were taken by wedding photographer Jacqui Bruniquel

    Whats most important
    When planning your wedding, its very easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of the actual day and become neglectful of your soon to be hubby! Dale often said to me that he couldn’t wait for it all to be over so that we could talk about anything other than the wedding! It’s so important to fit in some ‘couple’ time when the two of you can focus on each other and the reasons you’re choosing to spend forever together. Trust me, your relationship post wedding will be that much better!

    The details
    For my wedding, my hubby and I wanted detail, detail and more detail. When choosing to get married on a farm we wanted to keep the natural beauty of the Shed and the Barn intact, so this meant there was still a lot of room to play with details. I’m not sure if our guests even had enough time to notice the antique lace braided through the family pony’s hair, or the fact that each and every little message to our guests on the table was handwritten, or the fact that there was a personalized sticker on each of the 160 coffee cups. Where I’m going with all of this is that I got so caught up on each and every detail being perfect for the day, that I didn’t have time to just take a step back and admire all the hard work that had already gone into the venue. Your guest won’t even notice if some tables have different shaped spoons or glasses to the others, just have fun and enjoy the time leading up to the wedding, don’t get caught up on the little things.

    The people you least expect
    It wil be the people the people you least expect who will be the most help just before your special day. Friends and family will surprise you with their wonderful idea’s and practicality…let them! Everyone wants to feel helpful even if it’s only in a small way, so make sure to delegate things that you really need to be done! And everyone will feel useful!

    Memories of the day
    The day went by so fast, I can remember very little about it. I don’t remember any of the yummy cupcakes we had, the food we spent so many hours discussing, the lace wrapped around each honey jar…This is so sad as 6 months went into planning and organizing! We are so thankful we chose the photographer that we did (Jacki Bruniquel…she was incredible!) and that we had someone make us a video. Our video isn’t quite ready for us yet, but when it is I’m sure we are going to be so grateful to be able to ‘re-live’ the day!

    The before photo’s
    Throughout the whole process of converting the farm into our dream wedding venue I have taken loads and loads of photograph (mainly so that I can blog about the process!) but also so that I can look back and remember all of the hard work that went into making our dream a reality. This included photo’s of family and friends helping hand bunting, cut hearts, saw tables, clean vases. And I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have these special memories now that the actual wedding day is behind us. Get yourself a big scrap book, print out the best photo’s, and stick them in (along with Wedding cards, Kitchen Tea cards and any other special momentos you may have the day and the time leading up to the day!).

    Thanks Roxy – gals, don’t forget to read Roxy’s blog – click here

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