Kristy and AJ got married earlier this year at Strandkombuis on the Cape West Coast. I love how they harnessed the amazing colours of this unspoilt part of the world and added in some bright pops themselves. I think you’ll love all the fabulous details – there are so many to inspire you! Talented photographer Tasha Seccombe took the gorgeous pix.


    We met at a mutual friends’ dinner party – I only knew this later, but he had been kicking himself for not asking for my number that night. A little bit of luck and a little bit of fate intervened and we randomly bumped into each other on a Cape Town beach the next day where we exchanged numbers and made plans to go surfing together. When we met I was an animator, but I now write and illustrate for kids’ books and am dabbling in photography… AJ is in finance.

    Our wedding represented us through and through and was exactly what we had envisioned for the day… the ceremony was intimate and beautiful and based on universal elements on the beach, with huge waves crashing behind us… and then to celebrate our happy day with our close friends and loved ones – with all the people we know and care about and who care about us…we had about 80 people which was perfect for us – small enough to be intimate and large enough to be a real party.


    Due to the fact that we are both crazily-obsessed surfers and love the ocean, that was a no-brainer for us. Strandkombuis in Yzerfontein is right on the beach and when we went surfing there a few years ago, we both had a feeling that this was where we would end up getting married.

    They serve an incredible seafood buffet, our favourite food, and the staff are incredibly professional so it all runs like clockwork. There is a rustic and relaxed ambiance… fairy-lights and shells are strewn from the ceiling and crackling fires glow in the corners. It signifies that simplistic West coast charm which is very real and very romantic.



    I had never really thought about a wedding or what we would like until the day we got engaged…neither of us are fantastic planners, but it all came together organically… We chose the colours coral and turquoise, which signify the sea and everything just came together from there.The only real themes were the colours and the beachy surfer vibes… like the surfboard which we spraypainted so our guests could leave us a message.

    My friends, Kim and Kate, who were also my bridesmaids came around in the evenings and we would share wine, cook and bond on “craft night” and come up with crafty ideas. We didn’t want any stress and we had a lot of fun in the few weeks leading up to the wedding day. We had bubbles that our guests could blow over us instead of confetti and pinwheels that blew in the wind, we wanted to keep it fun and light-hearted and not fancy or stiff.

    We had collected driftwood after our surfs for many months which AJ then DIY’ed into quirky signposts. The flowers were a range of pink tones – peachy roses, tulips, baby’s breath…very simplistic…in small bunches in petite turquoise vases. Flowers for Africa helped us out with those…And the decor we did ourselves, the venue doesn’t need much, but AJ and I love colour so we brought the venue to life that way. Bunting is a classic.



    I think it’s a given, but seeing the expression on the face of the man I love as I walked down the aisle was a big moment. Also to have all your friends and family in one place, especially family… Family is everything… my incredible mom is battling an incurable cancer so to be able to have her there to witness this event in my life and for all of our family to be together at the union of a new family meant the most to me. Needless to say, there was a lot of emotion that day!

     The food was fresh seafood, all cooked on the hot coals at the venue… We had macaroons, in honor of AJ’s French family, cupcakes and a beautiful ombre turquoise and coral cake made by Queen of Tarts. Jars filled to the brim with all sorts of sweets got annihilated later on in the night.

    The full moon was magic – it even had a halo around it… and it added an energy and an extra excitement to the night… it definitely got people into a party spirit. The sunset was the most breath-taking I have ever seen in my life and as it disappeared the tones remaining were… intense coral and turquoises! It really felt like all the elements came together to celebrate with us in making the hugest promise of our lives. It exceeded our expectations – I had put no pressure on the day and how it was meant to pan out, but it unfolded naturally as the best day of our lives. We just wanted to have fun and wanted our guests to have fun and we succeeded.


     I loved my dress! I wanted something comfortable, that I could dance and really move in, but still feel gorgeous… it was made by Victor K who is such a legend, so friendly and made the dress exactly how I wanted it… my favorite part was the hint of turquoise tulle underneath.


     Kristi’s Words of Wisdom

    Remember to have fun, to keep perspective as to what the day is really about – the huge vow being made between you and the person of your life. And on the night, remember to take a step back and take it all in with your new husband or wife – it goes by so quickly!

    Thanks Kristi – what an absolutely spectacular wedding! I love the coral and turquoise and am so impressed by the many DIY details that went into your big day. V x



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