• I’ve followed thishandsome couple’s journey since last year when Jason mailed me their oh-so-cute surprise engagement video. A few months ago he mailed me again to say he and Tash had done the deed – pledged themselves to each other forever. Together they planned and executed a perfect wedding – read all about their story as told by the both of them. The beautiful pictures were taken by amazing photographer Brett Florens.

    Jason: One thing that I know that singles the two of us out from the crowd is that we love doing things together. There are not many moments that I can remember where Tash and I have not been together, be it mountain biking, scuba diving, game viewing, going to gym, walking the dogs or even just lazing on the beach at D.U.C. or the couch at home. We cherish our time together and we laugh at one another continuously! We wanted to bring this feeling of unity and love into our wedding day and I know that we achieved it.

    Tash: We wanted the beauty of the Midlands coupled with the ease of location in terms of not having to drive anywhere once you had arrived.” Netherwood was perfect. We used both the chapel and the reception area at Netherwood. The day was perfection! The sun was out and a light breeze was blowing which allowed me to open all of the glass sliding doors that encompass the chapel.

    Tash: We wanted a very intimate and personal atmosphere with our family and closest friends. We wanted our personal touch to be on the wedding, hence all the D.I.Y.! We made flower hairclips for each of the girls (so they could ‘add some flair’) and a moustache for each guy (to ‘Tash it up). It was our wish that each of the guests felt like they were a part of the celebration and for them to have a fun and relaxing day.

    Tash: Our theme was vintage elegance – we created this soft whimsical atmosphere through hues of cream, lilac, white and pinks. I wanted bunches of soft full flowers, some in vintage boxes, to give the feel of old glamour. My florist from Settings Function Hire was amazing; she understood my vision and did such a great job. I used strings of pearls, tons of lace and ribbons – on EVERYTHING! I found old vintage jars, cake tins and hat boxes which all added to the effect. There was a massive candy table full of pastel sweets and vintage jars with bows and lace and little gift bags with ribbons, so guests could take some treats home!

    Jason: We had all of our nieces, nephews and youngest brother as part of the celebration. All 19, yes 19, of them walked down the aisle! It set such a wonderful tone and mood.

    Tash: For my dress, my heart was set on lace. I found my dress a year before the wedding on the  De La Vida Bridal Couture website ind it was exactly what I was looking for. The first time I tried it on, the lady asked me to try on a long cathedral veil with Chantilly lace, the reality of me being a bride set in! The dress was mermaid style, with a long train, sweetheart boobtube with adjustable straps, that I took off after the ceremony. I had pearls, beads and sequins sewn onto the dress. It was simple- which I loved.

    Jason: Due to the fact that Tash and I did pretty much everything, from setting up tables, chairs, place settings, décor, etc, we ourselves were very relaxed on the day. We knew that there would be no “surprises” as we had done it all ourselves. It put us in a good mood for the day and I know that this feeling was shared by our family and friends.

    Tash: There were times we wanted to strangle one another, but on the day it was worth it. If I see one more paper cone in my lifetime- I may just crack! My mom helped a lot on preparing and setting up a week before the wedding, with bridezilla dishing out orders.


    Jason: Our first song was quite amusing. We both had a song in our head but for the life of us we could not find it. We had both heard it, we knew it was a male singer and we knew it was from a movie. Then one day while I was mucking about on the net looking for movies at home, I stumbled upon the soundtrack for Shall We Dance. I pressed play, Tash came running down the corridor at home and we both said, “This is it!” The song is Book Of Love by Peter Gabriel.

    Tash: About a year ago, Jason sang a song and sent it to me as a voice note. I saved it and played it to everyone at the end of my speech. It was hilarious! Jason had no idea – I told him I was going to sing to him (which I think terrified him more) and then I told the DJ to let the magic happen!

    Words of Wisdom from Jason

    Remember, it is YOUR day, revel in it! Yes it will be shared with family and loved ones but the fact remains that the two of you are getting married on that day. And DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Things may not go according to plan… so what? Will one missing bouquet or incorrect knife and fork mess up your day? Of course not! Take a deep breath and have fun. Remember to slow it down. Yes you have cameras and people to deal with. Yes you have a speech to make. Yes you’ll be caught up in all the love and happiness. Don’t let it run away with you and forget it. Tash and I were warned numerous times that newly-weds could not remember their day because it went by so fast. We made a concerted effort to slow things down and thank goodness we did. We remember everything from beginning to end. We even took a few five/ten minute breathers during the night to walk outside and spend some time alone and take it all in. Another way to remember all the small details is to hire a cameraman and videographer (we used Paul Railton from Aqua Blur 0782866121) ! Photographs and video will capture anything you miss.

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