• Wooo hooo, i am so happy to be sharing this amazing wedding with you. It’s the perfect day of Sam and Scott – the brains behind Hello Pretty – which, if you’re looking for quirky locally made wedding gifts, fashion accessories and decor items to buy online,  is a great option. Read about their story and what led them to Vegas, baby!

    We are a computer nerd love story! Scottie is Canadian and I’m from Jozi. We could not have lived further apart! 🙂 We met at at a web developer’s conference in Barcelona

    I was absolutely not looking for anything or anyone but he managed to woo me over the Internet after we’d returned back to our respective countries, chatting online more and more until it was every day. I’d said to him casually at various points that he should come and visit South Africa, and he called my bluff and did it!

    As it turned out, it wasn’t weird or uncomfortable, and months later he surprised me with a trip to New York. I don’t think it gets much better than that!

    Being from so far apart, it was a very difficult thing to decide where and how to do the whole wedding thing. It started off as us deciding to do a court marriage in Canada and then have a proper bash in South Africa. From Vancouver to Vegas is close and easy to get to, and we thought that we may as well make some sort of a celebration out of it.

     Before you knew it, it had turned into a 15-guest affair with a limo and an Elvis and live-streaming on the Internet, and my mom secretly flying from SA to Vegas and surprising me.

    We got married at A Little White Wedding Chapel (so did Britney, once, but our union appears to have outlasted hers). We also got a dreadlocked Rastafarian minister named Reverend Henry Sneed who could not have been more perfect.

    Both of our outfits were vintage (Scott bought his a few years back as a halloween costume!), and a lot of our planning really went into things like choosing which hotel we were all going to stay in more than the typical wedding arrangements. All but one couple stayed in the same hotel, which made for an extended party. Our friends were very involved in figuring out all the details, and it was all perfect.

    I found my dress at a vintage dealer in Vancouver. I also bought a huge pouffey petticoat which worked perfectly together with the dress.

    If there was a theme, it would probably be ‘over the top’ and ridiculous! When people asked us what they should wear, I’d said to wear something that they would usually not wear, and every single person delivered. My friends, my inlaws and even my Mom really went all in on this theme in ways that I could never have even imagined.

    Every single person who attended was extremely involved (as well as some friends who weren’t able to make it). They were all wonderful, and so enthusiastic and one of my best friends, Nadine, who lives in Sydney, bought my veil as a gift off of Etsy. The person who did the most is Leslie of Sakura Photography. She’s one of Scott’s oldest and best friends, and fortuitously, a sought-after wedding photographer. She drove me around to find shoes and clothes (including across the border from Vancouver to the US to shop), spent countless hours patiently discussing details, and then she took the amazing photographs that you see here. It would have been a very different affair without her involvement and guidance.

    Our first song was a live rendition of Blue Suede Shoes, sung to us by none other than Elvis himself 🙂

    One of my most memorable moments was  Elvis walking me down the aisle. He was a little bit scary and wore more make up than I did! Also, even though Scott and I are both really camera shy, doing pics with Leslie and Mark was a lot of fun.

    We rented a place called the Neon Museum for an hour for the photoshoot

    Leslie’s husband Mark is a foodie and sought out an incredible, authentic Italian restaurant off the strip that we went to after leaving the chapel.

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