• I am so inspired by the gorgeous images that Maree Louw of Natural Light Photography took of this no-frills wedding in the Swartland, just an hour or so from Cape Town. I know the farm in question and in fact we looked at it for our own wedding – it is a very special place indeed. But let’s hear all about the big day from the bride herself.

    We wanted both the ceremony and reception to take place outside, and since we both came from Malmesbury, and my cousin and her husband own a beautiful wine farm in the Swartland the decision really wasn’t hard at all!

    When planning our wedding, i had a thousand dreams and wanted to invite 250 people to an eco-friendly occasion!  My sister, Helena, warned me that “only Kate and William will have more than 200 people at their wedding this year.” And even though we only had money for about 20 guests, I did not budge one bit! Friends and family all helped to make my dream come true.


    The first thing my sister Helena said, when she saw the engagement ring on my finger, was “I want to do the flowers and décor.” Cornelia (my cousin co-owner of De Liefde) suggested we could use her farm.  Little did they know in that “flowers, décor and farm” would eventually mean wedding gown, invites, general planning, kitchen tea and Batchelorette, food, budget, candles, lights, placemats, hay bales etc etc etc!!  I can definitely recommend the “Helena-and-Cornelia-planning-team” to anyone!

    I put together over 200 different quotes on love, romance and marriage so every place setting had a unique quote. We had no formal table seating arrangements and this, along with the long tables under fairy lights and stars made for a very sociable event.

    We were very blessed with friends and family helping out.  Apart from Helena and Cornelia, Cousin Marica handled the flowers, while my grandmother made meters and meters of bunting.  One friend painted my nails, another handled the ceremony itself while another made the music.  My mother prayed the rain away and my dad put up an extra roof!!  My brother acted as general handyman.  My longtime friend Colleen baked 200 individual cheese cakes in purity bottles.  Oom Jan Boland Coetzee and Adi Badenhorst donated wine.  We even had 10 little blond children to precede me down the aisle.

    We wanted an eco-friendly wedding. 

    For 11 months the whole family collected glass jars, we had lots of “veldgras” on the tables and we also used a lot of candles.  Our invites (a poem I wrote) were printed on hand-made paper with seeds in – the idea being that guests can plant the invite afterwards and when the flowers bloom, it will remind them of our wedding day and love!  Guests also sat on hay bales instead of chairs. 

    My dress was made especially for me by Stellenbosch wedding dress designer Zan.  I told her the dress had to be comfortable (since the wedding was on a farm, and since I am not really a girly girl!).  I also insisted on pure white. 



    Rouxlene’s Words of Wisdom

    Not everything will go according to plan!! Just enjoy every moment.  And remember that a marriage is more important than a wedding!!

    Rouxlene, you, your husband and your day looked beautiful! Cornelia did an outstanding job of the styling and Maree’s pix are just gorgeous, thank you for sharing with us. V x

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