• Morning lovelies! Today’s post is all about Caryn and Dustin’s colour-filled Rockabilly style wedding. This cool couple hails from Durban and their amazing pix are by Knot Just Pics..enjoy!

    Read all about the wedding in Caryn’s lovely words


    He proposed whilst snorkelling in Mozambique on the first holiday we had ever gone on together, on the 1st of April 2011. We were under the water and I thought he was being his silly self but was surprised with this gorgeous ring and him saying “will you marry me?” Needless to say, I chocked on some of the sea water and spluttered out “Yes” once I could breathe again! Obviously all my friends thought this was an excellent April fool’s joke, but they soon realised that this was the beginning of our Happily-ever-after!

    And that’s when I started planning! We didn’t want a traditional wedding as we just aren’t that type of people.

    I have a huge love for polka dots and anything 50’s style. I love being uniquely different and wanted this for our wedding. My husband loved the idea too as it was something he hadn’t seen before and it wasn’t pink so it was all good in his eyes  CD2 CD4

    I asked my bridesmaids to make their own bouquets – I thought this would be a special keepsake for them. The bouquets were made out of buttons and material – I don’t like flowers. CD6 CD7

    One of the most memorable moments of the day was being up in front of all our close family and friends and saying ‘I Do’ and of course the passionate kiss afterwards – I was so caught up in the moment of being there with him and taking this wonderful next step that I totally forgot about the people around us! I only realised they were there when I heard them laughing out loud and clapping! Dustin has such a magical way of calming me – I am truly blessed. CD8 CD9

    I didn’t have a wedding coordinator for our wedding as I knew I could do everything I wanted by myself, with the help of my family and friends. My Friend Adele and I designed the graphics for the save the dates, invites, bunting, menus, saviour packs, seating plan, seating names, table numbers, tissues, programs heart fans etc. She really was amazing with really creative ideas which suited me perfectly. CD10

    Our theme was rockabilly 50’s polka dot inspired. The details we included were  my 50’s inspired hair, the polka dot dresses, our retro red car (a Ford Fairlane to be exact) , the maid of honour & bridesmaids’ dresses, the design of the invites & graphics, retro disposable cameras on the tables, brimming sweetie jars as centre pieces, vinyl records as place cards, a retro checked dance floor, an old London style post box for envelope gifts, sweet scoops & take-away sweetie boxes, round lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and everything done in the colours I wanted – red, white/black, turquoise & royal blue ! We used Labola Event Management for all our décor hiring needs.

    We had looked at several venues, including some on the North Coast and some in the Midlands, before choosing Docklands Hotel. I had seen pictures of Docklands and when we walked in to see it, we both fell in love with the unusual, urban / rustic yet industrial look it has. I loved how it didn’t need anything to add to its unique charm! CD11

    Right before the wedding I was suddenly scared that all my out of the ordinary ideas wouldn’t go down well with our guests! I was trying something different, something I had never seen before at any wedding show or function. I am very lucky to have the support of my Mother, Sister and bridesmaids, who kept me thinking positive and bringing me to the realisation that it would work – because it was me and Dustin – perfectly, uniquely us!

    My Mother Cheryl also helped me in so many different ways. There really is no way I could express how grateful and thankful I am to her and my sister, Carey-Anne for all they did. Our friends Tania and her hubby Francois, who visit often, found themselves working very hard until the early hours of the morning to assist in all the handmade items we made. Not to mention Dustin, who chipped in when he saw how stressed I was getting – I suspect I was a bit of a bride-zilla!

    For wedding favours our guests got retro milk box containers and were able to fill them up with the sweets from the centre pieces using a sweetie scoop.


    All we wanted was for the wedding to be fun, for everyone to put their cares aside for a few hours and really enjoy themselves. The day really did exceed my expectations! I can honestly say that I would not change ANYTHING about our wedding or the décor! Even the rain didn’t put a damper on our special day.

    My words of wisdom for would-be couples is never doubt yourself and your ideas! Don’t let others influence your vision of your perfect day! Some people are there to help while others can lead you astray! Don’t be scared to make stuff yourself, you’ll be amazed at what all you can do – DIY is definitely the way to go! Not only is it cheaper, but it also adds something special which people love – your time and effort.

    OH and always remember that DETAIL is key – not only for your photographer but also for your guests!

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