• When we were planning our wedding, i was so set on hydrangeas but The Captain isn’t a fan so we agreed on my second favourites – dahlias! I love hydrangeas – they remind me of summer, yes, of granny’s hats and of abundance. My Dad used to water his hydrangeas every evening in summer and when they first arrive in December i think of him immediately. I think their naturally ruffled look is perfect for a wedding.

    Hyd1 Hyd2 Hyd3 Hyd4 Hyd5 Hyd6 Hyd7

     So, who is planning a wedding and what will your theme be?

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    1. Nicole on

      Hi I simply love hydrangeas (Christmas flower) as it reminds me of my Granny who at 88 is still going strong and like your Dad also used water them in the late afternoon. It reminds me of my childhood school holidays with her and my late Grandpa (tearing up) at their home and how we used to play dress (my Granny was a bridal dressmaker). How a single flower can evoke such memories. I plan on using them as my main wedding flower!

      Nickki73 xxx

    2. Colleen on

      Hi V – for my daughters wedding last year we were going to use lavender in the flower arrangements – just before the wedding it rained for days & the supplier phoned to say there wasn’t going to be any lavender! Panic what do we do now? So we picked bunches of hydrangea’s from around the venue in the midlands & they turned out to be the brides favourite! Even dried they are lovely – give me a bunch any day 🙂

    3. iwantthat on

      Sounds divine Colleen!

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