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  • Le Creuset

    Le Creuset

    Located in Cape Town, Durban, Garden Route & Johannesburg
    Le Creuset
    086 177 3321
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    This brand needs no introduction but if you didn't already know - it's the best kitchenware and cooking brand there is (well, in my opinion). Yes, there's the whole no-self-respecting-or-style-savvy-cook-should be-without-Le-Creuset thing but more than that - the products are a dream to cook with. My first Le Creuset buy was a Carribean Blue salt pig and from there I graduated to a Dijon casserole - I swear my curries have never tasted better. There are stores all around the country (16 and counting) but they're also online - plus deliveries are free. You'll love the sense of pride when you open your kitchen cupboards and see a Le Creuset something. I Want some of their non-stick ware, more casseroles and baking dishes.
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